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QUEENSLAND Consultancy for Laser Tattoo Removal Licencing

Wish to open a Laser Tattoo Removal Practice in Queensland?
Radiation Health Queensland Licencing Laws apply, all along the way.
The licences apply during all stages of your training, for your purchase and acquisition of a Laser, and for your setup.

Excellent options for Study at Medilase

• 2 Full Days weekdays

 • Saturday & Sunday Course

• Fly in and Fly out same day

Choosing your Educational Institution and purchasing of a laser Medilase hints

  1. Study at Medilase to suit your schedule.

  2. Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training, includes mandatory modules as required by Radiation Health Queensland, to meet with the licensing standards.

  3. Medilase informs intending students that not all advertised courses on the internet may meet with Queensland licensing laws.

  4. Not all lasers advertised online will qualify for use in Queensland and may not meet standards as required by Radiation Health Queensland.

  5. Online Tattoo Removal Courses – Medilase advises that you may fail to meet qualifying for Professional Indemnity. It is your obligation to check the status of your courses with your Insurers.

  6. Is the course advertised online going to meet with standards required in legislative states?
    Strict licensing laws apply within Queensland.

  7. Laser Safety certifications and further training are required for your Professional Indemnity. Medilase is able to supply educational needs for your application for Professional Indemnity.

  8. Medilase Certificate in Skin Science for Class 4 Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures (Vocational) is available as a one or two day delivery, depending on your program choices.


“Your success matters to us”.

Has any other educational group said that to you?  Probably not ever.

Well!  Your success matters to us.

MEDILASE – Superior delivery of tattoo removal courses, education.

MEDILASE – Superior care with your licencing needs to meet with legislation.

MEDILASE – Passionate, about your success.

MEDILASE – One- on- One Lecturer with you by your side, totally personalized courses.

The team at Medilase are supremely skilled, with highest levels of expertise in delivery of education as a package of One-on-one tutoring. They care about the outcomes of every one of their students at every level.

One-on-one tutoring promotes far greater student learning and excitement,

with increased motivation to learn,

compared to traditional teaching methods.

Medilase aims to Produce Learning Gains which are higher than the Traditional Tattoo

Removal Course Deliveries from other institutions

Education delivery, is Effective When Students Engage in Participation, are enthused and excited, and are involved in communication and self-Explanation

At Medilase we believe in higher level outcomes in education practices.

We believe that the student becomes confidently involved with participation, when there is encouragement, communication, talking and problem solving.

A great lecturer is delivers information, questions and probes the eager mind.
A great lecturer is enthusiastic, creates enthusiasm and encourages questioning, eagerness in educational uptake, and elevated learning outcomes.



Global researchers have identified seven characteristics of the most successful lecturers and tutors  which they identified by descriptors that spell out the acronym INSPIRE (Table 1).

Table 1.The INSPIRE model of expert tutoring and results for tutees.

Characteristics and behaviours of expert lecturers.

Intelligent: Superior content as well as pedagogical content knowledge.

Result: Difficulty of questions optimally matched to students’ levels of understanding.

Nurturant: Establish and maintain personal rapport and empathy with students.

Result: Feeling accepted, supported, and free to explain their thinking.

Socratic: Provide clear simple facts, solutions, or explanations, but elicit these from tutees by questioning.

Result: Constantly thinking, doing, and responding.

Progressive: Move from easier to progressively more challenging cycles of diagnosis, prompting toward a solution, and posing of a new problem.

Result: Moving in small steps to higher competency through deliberate practice.

Indirect: Provide both negative and positive feedback by implication; praise solutions, and not the student.

Result:  Working in a nonjudgmental atmosphere,

Reflective: Ask students to articulate their thinking, explain their reasoning, and generalize to other contexts.

Result: Gaining insight into their own thinking through metacognitive reflection.



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