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Suitable for anyone to gain excellent training for a career change.




The Medilase laser tattoo removal course! ….. An outstanding and insightful introduction into the industry. Great teachers! All the information needed to start a business and to be successful! Gemma N, Sydney – February 2015


The Course:
Certificate of Completion in Skin Science
and Business Principles for Tattoo Removal

Medilase has designed this program around the requirements for correct licensing in laser tattoo removal and will guide you along the pathway to your new career!

Queensland applicants? This is for you!
Our vocational course guides and assists students through the processes required by Radiation Health Queensland for a Class 4 application. Licensing varies from state to state. It’s really easy, just give them a call!

Health and Business all in one course! Yes! We can!

  • Interstate? We come to you! How great is that!
  • One-on-One or Group Classes
  • Laser Safety Officer Certificate, Infection Control Standards, 100 Hours Logbook Supervision for RHQ – Queensland Applicants
  • Medilase course includes Basic Dermatology, Dermis, Epidermis, Cellular structures
  • Ink Chemistry, and understanding reactivity
  • Observation of a real tattoo being applied, speak to the tattooist.
  • Skin integrity & Wound Management
  • Burns, Wound Healing,
  • Pre and Post patient care
  • Setting up your Clinic – Clinic setup – getting value for your money.
  • Medilase will assist you with your Medical supplies – guide and best practical use
  • Medilase will guide you with your Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Public Liability direction.
  • Forms! A practical guide to forms in your clinic.


Medilase has designed this program around the requirements for correct licensing in laser tattoo removal and will guide you along the pathway to your new career!



SUPERIOR TO OTHER COURSES: HLTIN402C, First Aid, are modules for the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (HLT32512). Laser Safety Officer Certificate is compliant to other laser services training.  Medilase is not only an educational centre it leads the industry with a practicing clinic, a tattoo center with 6 tattooists on board, and with 4 Full Use Class 4 Supervisors


Medical or non-Medical Background –  Modules may differ from person to person according to the education portfolio.

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You will choose our career pathway because our training course will prepare you – no matter what your background, medical or non-medical –for a future in the industry

  • You want? – TO HELP OTHERS?
  • You want? – AN EXCITING INCOME?


More learning – More hands-on – In-clinic experience


In-clinic Medilase curriculum modules include:

The Biology and Science of Skin:

Dermal and Cellular Biology, Physiology, Fitzpatrick Skin type, Les Scale evaluations, Test Patching Skin Types 4, Examination of tattooed tissue, examination of existing skin elevations and scar tissue, healing evaluations, in-clinic and clinical endpoints, documentation of procedural outcomes, procedural infection control, sterilization of treatment area, and post sterilization of all areas.

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure:

Laser safety procedures in the clinic environment, using the laser with laser safety, conducting the laser tattoo removal procedure, tattoos, identifying tattoo types, styles, and their applications, identifying laser resistant inks, identifying plastic, clay and tar base tattoo inks, evaluating depth of ink within tissues, evaluating needle type used, understanding the tattoo machine and its entry point into dermal tissue, wound & scar evaluation, wound management, skin integrity, dressings, clinic safety.

Business Principles:

Duty of Care, Forms, Patient Disclosures, Waivers, Business Principles, Tattoo Removal Business, Pricings, Structuring, Setting up your new business with best value for your money


Certificate of Completion in Skin Science and Business Principles for Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures. You will have gained – suitable for Tattoo Removal Procedures:

A medical background, Australian College of Nursing CPD Credit Points, Nationally Recognized training Certificates from our preferred providers, Qld students may upon completion of all modules apply for a Trainee Licence with RHQ. Interstate and Overseas students may move forwards to their end goals.

RHQ LOGBOOK SUPERVISION of 100 HOURS: Queensland applicants – Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal, Courses & Training will guide you to our supervisors for your Radiation Health Queensland Log Book Hours. Please email us with your enquiry.


Medilase – Education & Direction for the Queensland applicant.

“Everything was so organized, to the very last detail! Thank you Medilase!” Ryan.G (May 2016)
“I couldn’t imagine trying to do this without the support & effort Medilase put in behind me. I bought the package with the ALL the tattoos. WORTH EVERY CENT!” Maria.A. (June 2016)
“Right now, I couldn’t be happier, I shopped this course.  These guys, are not only in Tattoo Removal World, they are all about Tattoo’s, what I learnt was unbelievable. Nearly there!”  Seby.J. (July 2016)



“I’ve finished my logbook hours at Medilase!”

  • Education for RHQ Licences – We provide the Queensland applicants wishing to move through the pathways of applying for the TRAINEE License, the education and direction to bring about a sense of ease, and understanding of how things work.
  • 100 Hours Logbook Supervision available at Medilase: Trainee Licence holders and Queensland applicants for the Full Use Licence are required by Queensland legislation to undergo 100 hours of supervision within the modality of choice on their Trainee licence.
  • Medilase can supply 100 tattoos for removal: Let us design a package for you!


Attention Queensland Applicants: YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A LASER or a CLINIC ROOM to gain your Supervision of 100 logbook hours.

  • Medilase offers 100 Logbook Hours Supervision in Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures– within our own compliant rooms, with compliant lasers, with additional consultancy services provided for you and with Medilase supervisors who hold a Full Use Class 4 License in Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures.
  • Can’t find clientele? Perhaps you might even need 100 tattoos to treat and remove for your logbook?
  • Medilase is able to offer all the tattoos for the Supervision of 100 hours’ log booking if in the event you cannot have sufficient clients for your logbooks.

Please call us and ask for a quotation. We will design a program for you. Talk to us now: Mob 0426 444 556, 


The Fine Print:
The Medilase course is a vocational course. Currently there are no VET, TAFE courses inAustralia at this time. The accredited subjects listed on your course outline form and listed above are delivered by our preferred registered providers.

Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane news for you - Facts and Figures & Findings


Laugh of the week!
‘Laser ….like a little flick of a rubber band’ NO! it bl…….dy doesn’t.

Pain Free!  Is Available.  Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane offers Numbing Services to all.

  • Did you know that up to 30% of Aussies under the age of 30 have a piece of inked memory art, artistic tattoo on their skins, or simply an ink design on their canvas, and at any one time perhaps around only 18% of that group may be seeking to have a change, by either tattoo removal or simply a fade back?
  • Brisbane Tattoo Removal Salons, and Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane clinics have the facts and figures stacked up in order to help you with your questions.


“BACK TO SKIN DEAL?  I don’t like the spots?  Hah!

  • For Brisbane tattoo removal “enquirers”; both Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane clinics and Brisbane Tattoo Removal Salons keep abreast of tattoo removal research; and more than anything else they stay abreast of techniques and improvements on tattoo removal procedures.
  • The apparatus of use for Tattoo Removal is the NDYAG Q SWITCH Laser. There are other wavelength Lasers that are used for Blue and Green Pigments and even Red’s.
  • All light-based treatments are generally most positive when used by licensed and highly experienced clinicians. Remember that word guys, “highly experienced”.


”Soooo I don’t like being green. Your website says, you knock out greeeeen dude, in 3 treatments, let’s do it”.
You’ve got a Pico-Bico-Wattsa thingo ????????


Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane uses “THE PRN Solu-Patch”

Brisbane Tattoo Removal Salons and sister tattoo removal salons in Brisbane, Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane, are involved in the research of ink dispersal and in the R20 tattoo removal using the PRN Solu-Patch which is fluid containing PHMB and Betaine.

This amazing pressure soak on the post procedure, allows for frosting dissipation, reduces biofilm with no adverse effects enabling visible and instant healing to take place.

Infection rates are reduced to 3% using the PRN Solu-Patch as opposed 13% saline.

PHMB is a synthetic compound that is also described as a surfactant. It lifts off debris and suspends it, and reduces skin surface bioburden.

PHMB can be described as a solution that works by dissolving and breaking down the lipopolysaccharide layer (LPS) of the bacteria cell wall to kill off bacteria.


“Just take the blue bits off”?

The R20 method of tattoo removal involves waiting 20 minutes while bubbles that have formed in the superficial papillary dermis disperse. The Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane based clinic at Mount Gravatt, and its sister clinic, Brisbane Tattoo Removal Salons, have been using the PRN Solu-Patch for several years with extraordinary results.

Perfluorodecalin is another really exciting innovation newly appearing and designed to dissolve the frosting post removal, allowing retreat almost immediately, rather than waiting 20 minutes.

So it’s not free.  Would you pay an additional $150.00 on top of your removal price to have this patch?  Perhaps some would not.  Perhaps if you wanted 4-5 passes over that tattoo, you certainly would consider it. It’s a movement forwards in the removal Industry, and Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane, provides that very specific treatment of the R20 with the PRN Solu-Patch, ask us, we’d love to help you out.


Chitter-Chatter Time – what makes us tick and “un-tick”.

What makes us cranky at Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane, and Brisbane Tattoo Removal Salons:  disrespectful words about tattoo wearers.  I would think twice about going to any tattoo removal business, using the words, “Tattoo regret”.

These are horrible words, and very judgmental on you as the person wearing the ink.

As if we don’t know that we are already unhappy with something.  Hmm, why would a company use these words?

Be mindful as you speak to the Laser Removal Clinician

  • Is your removal person qualified?
  • How many tattoos has your qualified Radiation Licensed clinician actually removed?
  • How many years has your removal person, been practicing?
  • Do they actually have any tattoos on them?
  • Have they had any tattoos removed themselves?
  • Are they poo-pooing every other clinician around them, and their equipment?
  • Are they abreast of the post-care?
  • Are they asking too many questions about why you had the tattoo put on?
  • Do they know anything about the “Test Patch”?
  • Have they addressed the word “Clinical Endpoint”?
  • Answers can be onerous for you as the client under their Laser.


Medilase tattoo removal Brisbane are tattoo removal specialists and the company has over 25 years in the personal services and light-based treatment Industry and has clocked up 3.5 million sections of removals of ink.

Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane is one of the leading training institutions in Australia, Asia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for training and education for Radiation Health Queensland compliant modules and for overseeing and supervising license applicants for their 100 Hours of supervision for removals.

Did you know that at Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal, you will see a result after just one treatment.
As a clinical endpoint we see the result happening whilst we laser the ink, and we know that we have fractured the ink molecules, a whitening on the tattoo is evidence of exactly that. That whitening will dissipate, and during the next 28 days your body will move away fractured particles and it is your very own body’s waste system that generates the fading of your ink.
Australian’s live in the lucky country of sunshine, lots of sun, and great beach weather, we feel a sense of care for you, and therefore we invite you to join or take a look as the website
MEDILASE Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Endorsed Clinicians are members of the Skin Cancer Council



In-house finance available – ask about our finance options
Call 1300 523 462 or visit


Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training invites every student both nationally and international to become a member of Ausmed Education in order to maintain a broad knowledge of medical information.
A national provider of high quality CPD education for nurses in the form of nursing conferences, seminars, study days, CPD intensives. Ausmed also offers a free CPD Organiser and a range tools about nursing CPD hours, points and requirements

Ausmed Education


Important Dates everyone!

FRIENDSHIP DAY 7th August 2016


MEDiLASE  –  WORLD PEACE DAY 21st September 2016
“Bring Peace”

Medilase reminds everyone, that a generous thought on these days matters to someone else!



Resources, Memberships and Affiliations

These are not testimonials or endorsements.

At Medilase, we’re proud members of the following institutions and associations: (click to find out more)
Laser and Health Medical Spa MD
Best Choice GuaranteedFirst Quality CertificationBest Choice Guaranteed
Certification ExpertsQMS ISO 9001 Certification


Support the Arts in Australia! Medilase proudly supports theatre and music arts in Australia.

Every Group needs support.


1. Medilase, laser tattoo removal specialists, on southside of Brisbane, is located in Mt Gravatt Central, where you avoid the hectic pace of the city, and have your service provided in comforting surroundings.
You will find superior retail stores such as Photocontinental, Target, Woolies, Donut King, ANZ banks, Bookkeeping Institute of Australia, Brazilian Beauty, Mt Gravatt Hotel, and not far from Westfield Garden City.  (and it was the former chosen location for the superior tattoo removal suites of Eurobody Clinic.) 2. Laser tattoo removal Medilase Brisbane southside specialises in this area.  Private and personalized services by owners who are involved in the industry and liaise closely with leading tattooists.
The location of Mt Gravatt Central enables easy parking and access to great shopping and relaxation with retailers including Target, Mitre 10, Photocontinental, Brazilian Beauty, FMC Accounting, Woolies, ANZ Bank, Suncorp Bank, IGA, Mt Gravatt Hotel,  and Bookkeeping Institute of Australia. just down the road from the exciting Westfield Garden City complex .  ( the former Eurobody clinic.) WHITE here phil.3.  Your Medilase laser tattoo removal southside Brisbane is a time set aside by you which will be a safe, sterile experience and in an understanding and comforting environment.
Parking at the rear of building is so easy for southside Medilase laser tattoo removal clientele.  It is a great suburb, not too hectic with great retail outlets for you to chill before and afterwards, you will find stores such as Brazilian Beauty, Photocontinental, Mitre 10, Target, Woolies, ANZ, Suncorp, Donut King, Bookkeeping Institute of Australia, Mt Gravatt Hotel, and even Spotlight.  We are not very far from Westfield Garden City and Fitness First gymnasiums.  (we are in the former suites of the reknown Eurobody Clinic)

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