Introducing the

Certificate of Completion in Skin Science & Business Principles for Tattoo Removal

Course Details

MEDVCSB001-TR – Tattoo Removal

Students will receive a ‘Certificate of Attainment”



Medically Trained (Will attend a shortened course with Medilase),  Laser Safety Office Training, and Infection Control are still mandatory.

  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy or
  • equivalent Nursing qualifications or
  • Medical Degree

Non-Medically Trained
   MUST ATTEND & complete as a pre-requisite:

  1. Medilase Vocational Certificate of Completion in Skin Science and Business Principles for Laser Tattoo Removal
  2. Laser Safety Officer Training.
  3. Enrol into our online NRT team for Infection Control in Office Practice Settings, and complete post Medilase.
  4. Enrol and Complete 4 webinars into our CPD Nursing points program. Separate Fee.



Course Fees & Duration

  • This course is purely Tattoo Industry focused.
  • It is the only one of its kind, which includes in its course books Medilase research and findings, an essential for those intending to enter the Laser Tattoo Removal Industry.
  • The guide to those aestheticians with education on the biology of the skin, ink and its dermal placements, ink chemistry being used through the years and up until 2016.
  • What you must know about, the Lancer Scale + Fitzpatrick Skin type connection, for beneficial and unwanted side effects.

What you must understand about wavelengths and their impact on skin with Indian inks, colors, anti-Laser inks, plasticized inks and laser resistance, healing, infection, and your duty of care.





Study Incorporates

  • Skin and Cellular Anatomy and Physiology
  • Fitzpatrick Scale & Les Scale Factors
  • Laser Tissue Effects, Resistant Ink
  • Infection Control in Clinical & Laser practices.
  • Laser Safety in Clinic rooms, Laser Safety and Handling
  • Wound Categorizations, Wound healing compromised
  • Scarring and identifying scars, abnormal scarring
  • Tattoo Removal History, Types of Inks in the tattoo industry
  • Risks (Infection, scarring and informed consent)
  • The Laser Tattoo removal Process
  • Dressings, Pre and Post care, Forms, Waivers
  • Room sterilization practices, Duty of Care

Outstanding training – shine amongst your competitors –
Be superior in what you do.


Chrisse Feros..Founding Director, CEO MEDILASE

Additional Notes

Helpful Hints

1.    Always ensure that you have what is asked for on the RHQ website.
2.    Always ensure that you peruse the drop-downs on the submission form and
that you have clearly and visibly added “LASER TATTOO REMOVAL PROCEDURES”.
3.    Your submissions to RHQ are a big responsibility, so please check and “tick all the boxes”.

The Medilase Certificate of Completion is designed to assist you to understand the medical parameters attached to the procedures.

  • This vocational course is NOT a Licence. It is an education.
  • Every State has it’s own legal requirements, and all differ between each other. It is your responsibility to check. Some states are regulated, and some are not.  Queensland requires Unrestricted Class 4 Licensing with Radiation Health Queensland to operate as a Laser Tattoo Removal Technician.
  • You must ensure you have called your Radiation Department in your own State, and communicate what is required. We can then further offer you a consultancy to guide you along the way or assist you with education modules required.

Payment Details

We accept Credit Card and DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT to the registered business: MEDILASE PTY LTD account. You will be sent a “Terms and Conditions, with Cancellation Policy” Statement, along with a Tax Invoice upon your request to enroll and commence the course with us.

Please call us on 0426 444 556 to express interest and obtain an interview with your forms.


From $9995-00 plus GST – Yes We Can!
Medilase Lasers have IEC60825.1.2015 Certification-12 month warranty-HR006 Standard

Conditions Apply. Training not applicable for QLD, WA, TAS.




Important Dates everyone!

FRIENDSHIP DAY 7th August 2016


MEDiLASE  –  WORLD PEACE DAY 21st September 2016
“Bring Peace”

Medilase reminds everyone, that a generous thought on these days matters to someone else!



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