The freedom without the worry.

Medilase will walk you along all the Pathways of Licensing,
Equipment Setup with all training, and guidance.

What is different and what is our “System”


The Medilase System gives you the opportunity as a business entrepreneur, to enter THE LASER TATTOO REMOVAL INDUSTRY, with additional big money earning services of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Permanent Hair Removal, Rejuvenation, Skin Needling for blister minimization, and Far Infrared Light Therapy for Fast Healing Processes.
QUESTION?   What could be better than a Franchise?
ANSWER:      A Medilase System that belongs entirely to you.
The Medilase System simply explained as:
1. A copyright and patented clinical tattoo removal procedure developed by Medilase, with an NDYag Q-Switched gold standard Laser, with far superior ink breakdown and enhanced healing than standard procedures.
  1. The Medilase System is the pathway and business setup duplicated from the Mother-Ship of Medilase – for your own business enterprise.
  • The Medilase System gives you the opportunity of a wonderful business setup.
  • Direction and pathways of education for Radiation Health Queensland Licensing,
  • Affordable and commercial grade Lasers with Australia’s highest certification of Safety Compliance the IEC60825.1.2014. This Certification was obtained by Medilase for its Lasers, and is copyright of Medilase.
  • Additional training and Equipment – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket? The system includes in its package IPL apparatus, Skin Needling apparatus, and a FIR Healing Light System 

Make a Change! We Did!

Accelerate Your Earnings – Medilase

Government Licensed and fully accredited MEDILASE CLINICIANS have the opportunity to a greater income potential.
They are able to work with flexibility of hours to suit both their clients, and their own lifestyles.  Unlike the Franchise Model which sets out the rules.
The Medilase System is suitable for most persons applying no matter what your previous career.
Your education with us can be Fast Tracked with medical modules and training, one-on-one lecturer with you to ensure maximum results, and to ensure you tick all the right boxes with us to better your earnings and enter this exciting industry with clinical confidence.
There is no better time to be first-in on this solid business lifestyle that is the Medilase Endorsed Clinic.
Can it work for me? You ask? Yes you can!
Medilase takes the confusion and hassle away from you, and holds your hand all the way through.
Medilase understands the necessity for ongoing training, and staying abreast of the new tattoo protocols.
We are interested in the service and training you have.  We are not a franchise. Your clientele and your income are yours forever and always. There is the biggest point of difference.
Medilase Endorsed Clinics are based on a one-upfront payment plus a Once- yearly Endorsement Fee.

Medilase System Enquiry

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ALL APPLICANTS: NON LEGISLATED States and International Applicants: Your starting point for such an investment will be approximately in the start-up zone of $120,000.00 plus gst. Medilase does not offer funding, or repayment terms.
I understand the scale of this investment:

QUEENSLAND APPLICANTS: Are you in a time-friendly position to attend the course for its duration if in Queensland: Training, Waiting for Licences, and completing 100 Hours of Logbook Supervision, approximately 5 months.

NON-LEGISLATED STATES APPLICANTS: Are you in a time-friendly position to attend the course in Queensland- Education and Training 8 days Intensive.

I request to make an appointment for a consultation to have more information.