Medilase R20 Tattoo Removal

The Fastest Way to Safely Breakdown the ink in a Tattoo

R20 Tattoo Removal Method Explained

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training Brisbane Southside are specialists in the
exciting new R20 methodology which is the latest treatment protocol for tattoo removal sessions.

This new laser tattoo removal treatment called the R20 protocol was released and published in 2011.

The R20 method involves performing 3-4 laser treatments in one session. The result of the R20

method is up to 50% faster results in a single session without additional side effects.

How the R20 Method Works

  1. When you commence your Laser Tattoo removal sessions, you may notice the formation of tiny
    vapor bubbles in the skin – this is called (frosting) it resembles fine white flakes.
  2. 3-4 passes of the laser are moved across your tattoo, the primary white frosting is left to settle and
    dissipate allowing the next pass. (Whiteness may refract the laser light preventing it from penetrating
    the ink in the dermal area.)
  3. Only specialists in the R20 methodology are able to perform this treatment.
  4. With the utilization of combining 3-4 laser tattoo removal treatments during one session the
    laser can safely penetrate deeper than single-pass procedure.
  5. Suitable for all Professional tattoos, and all Amateur or Home Tattoos.

Is there an “Ouch Factor” of an R20 Session?

As with a normal session there is an ouch factor to the R20 sessions, and also as there was when the
tattoo was being applied, your management of the sessions is always helpful.

Urticaria – The swelling! Hive like, red raised area immediately post treatment – It has been suggested
that an antihistamine prior to treatment really does assist. This is a suggestion only.

Pain tolerance – The ouch! Some clients have no problem with the treatment at all. However, if
you are sensitive to the sensation of the laser tattoo removal procedure, you can use your preferred
numbing cream and even bring your usual pain relief with you. This is a suggestion only.

Will I scar? – As with any light based treatments which are highly effective, all of the treatments have
associated risks, of which scarring is one.

Post Treatment Sensation

You will most likely experience swelling, inflammation, some blistering and possibly some bruising – The area
will feel hot once you leave the clinic.
It is general procedure to dress the area with antiseptic cream and sterile gauze with tape.
Post care is the same as with standard tattoo removal.

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