RHQ Licencing Consultancy Services (all states)


MEDiLASE are your Specialists in personalized licensing pathways for RHQ Queensland.


WITHIN QUEENSLAND THERE ARE STRICT LICENCING LAWS:  Are you aware? Radiation Health Queensland imposes strict licensing for laser clinicians to conduct procedures in Queensland, for laser practitioners, laser ownership & purchase.

THE 10 PROCESSES:   Are you aware? There may be up to least 10 processes which are mandatory and regulatory, that are required to move through from beginning to end to enter the industry and set up a business in Queensland.

THE RHQ LAWS for LASER PURCHASE:  Are you aware? There is a legislative and mandatory process for you to purchase a laser, and legislation upon the laser of choice.

NON-LEGISLATED REPRESENTATION FOR LASER SALES: Are you aware?  There are pop-up laser sale companies who are not legislated to sell with Queensland? The laser you opt to purchase may possibly be illegal to use within Queensland.

THE INSURANCE LAWS & FORMS:  Are you aware? There are laws that exist with your requirements for a procedural clinic. Every person wishing to conduct laser tattoo removal procedures is obligated to present forms to their Professional Indemnity group.


HELP? Don’t be confused by the system. Medilase will walk you through the pathways.


Medilase will unravel the complexity and the progressions of which licenses are required, the when and the where, plus the educational guidance you may require.  Medilase will charge a flat fee, one payment only.

in your pathway forwards:

Medilase will organize the journey, the education, consult the licenses and applications appropriate to your needs, even up to when you are ready to open your doors to commence your business.  Your Education modules are additional fees, and these include such referrals & connecting you up with Supervisors and Logbook Hours either for Laser Tattoo Removal or for Cosmetic Procedures. Medilase can do it all for you.

MEDILASE are consultancy specialists for Queensland licensing education & for Interstate, Medilase are specialists in laser training and education for NSW, VIC and SA.  Medilase are specialists in the procurement of apparatus licenses, RHQ compliancy, and are specialists in training and education, both for Queensland and interstate applicants.


“The Radiation Health Unit is the government’s radiation safety agency. It has statewide policy, licensing and legislative responsibility for radiation health standards and radiation safety. The Radiation Health Unit is part of the Prevention Division. It provides scientific and technical advice to all Queenslanders on all ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety matters in the interest of minimizing health risks and protection of the environment.

The Radiation Health Unit administers Queensland’s Radiation Safety Act 1999 and the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010, which regulates some sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.”


Licensing Laws apply in Queensland!


Medilase requires a booking and an appointment.

Medilase charges consultancy fees for the appointment, and if you choose to move forwards with our company, this fee is deducted from the total amount.