“A whole new world opened up to me with the Medilase Tattoo Removal course…”

I wanted the One on One personalized education, and I chose to ask Chrisse and the team at Medilase to upgrade my training to include the License preparations.
Worth every cent.
I really am in awe of what I have learned at Medilase.  Thanks guys.  Jack A, Gold Coast, QLD, March 2017


“Totally informative and Hands-on”

Medilase walked me through the pathways just as they say on their website, I had a lecturer with me the whole time, and passed everything with 100%, I am moving to Bali and Medilase is going to now assist with setting up my practice.  They are an unbelievable team.  So grateful to be associated with Medilase.   Mikey F, Business Investor, Sydney, NSW, April 2017


Top Marks!  As a medical professional, I wanted to add another string to my bow, with the prospect of moving into Tattoo Removal full time.  The Medilase Team consulted with me the whole way.  They assisted and consulted me through all the licenses including the licenses required to owning a laser, and compliancy of rooms, I can’t believe how efficiently they worked.  They are a mind-blowing organization. Top marks!  Alexi K, Paramedic, Melbourne, VIC, May 2017


I was inspired by the Medilase Group!” I truly recommend this course to anyone who is wishing to change careers and enter the industry. I’m a tattooist by profession, and I have completed and extended course which has given me so much confidence and inspiration.  I felt inspired by the knowledge delivered by Medilase lecturer’s.

Medilase is totally involved in ink. What was incredible was that during my time there, Medilase was constantly liaising with tattooists for re-works.  It was just awesome for me!  Thanks, Chrisse.  Love your work.  Corey M. Tattoo Artist, Business Owner, New Zealand, May 2017


“I needed to change and that’s what I did!” I needed to change what I was doing with my life. I wanted more education, and to believe in myself as being a contribution to others.  Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal and their team totally got me to that place.  Melissa M, Darwin, NT, June, 2017


“Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Course? Got to be seriously a must for anyone out there contemplating entering the industry.  The patience, presentation, dedication to my needs was just something so inspiring to experience.  I’ve set up my clinic in Adelaide and the Medilase team flew down to me to assist with everything.  Sincerely thankful for the Medilase Course and the Medilase Tattoo Removal Training.  Diane R, RN, Adelaide SA, June 2017


“Laser Tattoo Removal Reviews –  Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane”

“I was treated with great respect, given lots of time, never judged, and with end goals foremost in their treatment of my tattoo.  The word “regret” was NEVER used at Medilase.
After just 3 R20 Medilase Laser Tattoo Removals, entire half sleeve was faded sufficiently for a new work.  No Blisters!  Bless-Ya Chrisse!
Kym S. Personal Trainer, West End QLD July 2017


“Tattoo Removal Reviews Matter –  Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane”

“Had my tattoo put on, in Bangkok, half sleeve and 9 hours.
When it was finished, I had a really good look and the work was awful.
I lost my confidence to even wear a shirt without sleeves.
Medilase consulted with me and counselled me which helped me like you wouldn’t believe.  They discussed all the alternatives and did a “test patch”, to see how I would go.

I didn’t even call anywhere else after meeting with Medilase. They were so calming, kind, and the results just took all the worry away.  I cannot thank them enough.  Ive had a fantastic re-work.
Thanks a million guys!” Tim C, Steelworker, Rochedale, QLD, July 2017


“Tattoo Removal Review Prices Medilase Tattoo Removals Brisbane”

“As soon as I spoke to Medilase, I felt my anxiety levels drop, I felt comforted, and also safe with their years of experience.”
These guys made it happen for me.  The former no longer wanted “name” now gone, and I can move on.  Medilase made that moving on possible for me.  I’m always going to be grateful!”  

Jenn P.  Nursing Assistant, Brisbane, QLD, August 2017


“MEDILASE Costs and Prices!   made my removal happen.

“I was quoted $100 for my tattoo which was quoted as $350 per treatment elsewhere!
I’d gotten quotes at about 6 other places, some were really cheap, so I thought the really cheap ones didn’t feel safe.
Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal costs worked within a budget and with results that I could see immediately.  The treatment is fast and still they give you heaps of time to take care of my skin.
Ive recommended Medilase to about three of my mates now.  All of them have had fantastic results.  We’re all really happy.”   Mack T, Concreter, Daisy Hill, QLD September 2017


“MEDILASE Tattoo Removal Brisbane – The hidden secret to fastest tattoo removal.

“Medilase worked for me!  Medilase prices were so budget friendly and they do the job right.


I got the best results, compared to all the other places I had been to. These guys have to be the hidden secret to the fastest tattoo removal with their R20 passes.”

Bryan M, (Sports coach), Redlands QLD, August 2017


“Old fashion care and service still exists at Medilase.”

“I wanted a name removed. With every treatment, I saw the fading away of the ink, and with every treatment I was treated with such personal service, lots of care and advice.  It was really affordable and I am back to a totally cleared skin with no trace of anything having been there.   I can’t thank Chrisse and her Medilase team enough.”

Elena V.  Rochdale South QLD, September 2017