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Ask Medilase – How many treatments do I need?

They said 10 visits?  How come?



Fantasic sheen on inks, fantastic vibrance of color,

magnificent application ability


Titanium Oxide looks like this.

The Facts on the success of Laser Tattoo Removal according to Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal:

A tattoo is an art piece.  The tattoos and tattoo artists today rate amongst some of the most exquisite that we have ever seen.

Your skin is the canvas and art gallery; it should be remembered that tattoos are not placed within the skin so that they can be easily wiped out!

So let’s look at some facts!

  • Everyone has their own reason for wanting to move ink away.
  • Don’t allow the business to judge you!
  • Ensure the “person” treating you has had years of experience in removals!
  • Did you know that at Medilase, we have over 2.5 million removals under our belt, with new patented procedures such PPE and R2-2?


  • It’s not about how “big, fat and expensive” the Laser is.
  • It’s about the clinician handling the laser handpiece, and about their knowledge of human physiology, the principles of healing, and ink vs skin and microparticle releases into the system.
  • It’s about the fact that they “care about you”.


The first and most ancient pigments came from using ground up minerals and carbon black. Today’s pigments include those original mineral pigments, (how fantastic), whilst other inks come from modern industrial organic pigments, plastic-based pigments and a few vegetable-based pigments (don’t be fooled by this, guys, a fully 100% vegetable dye pigment would not stay in your skin, so there are other elements in there).

We have treated thousands of tattoos and “Back-To-Skin” is more than possible with exacting separation between adjoining tattoos, and bringing with it BIG SMILES. Remember not all inks are the same.

There is no QUICK FIX for a tattoo which is meant to “stay on the skin canvas for a lifetime”.

There are excellent clinicians and safe, successful treatments, a mutual understanding that PATIENCE is required, and at Medilase Tattoo Removal, these are the leading priorities for us.

Your removal will be very successful or more challenging due to a number of facts.

These are: the ink quality, ingredient’s and colour of inks used, the ability of your immune system to clear away pigment after it has been treated and begin the FADE!  the depth of the ink, and amount of ink. Other factors do add to this outcome.

If you have multi-coloured professional tattoos, they respond more slowly to laser treatments, and quite a few multi-coloured tattoos will need 10 or more treatment sessions for fading, or re-working. REMEMBER!  They weren’t placed into your skin, so that they could be taken away!
Our friendly inks are in the hues of Dark (blue/black) inks and red inks usually fade well generally. As do oranges and purples.

Our happier dark inks usually respond quicker because they love the laser energy and absorb laser energy better.

Brighter colours such as green, turquoise are tougher, but they do eventually move.

Ingredients that make a tattoo look truly amazing!  These are substances such as iron oxide or titanium dioxide – and these also make it tougher more resistant, and therefore requiring more treatments.

Remember that if you want to change your mind about your fluorescent “Day Glow” pigments ink, that they are not laser friendly.

Some tattoos are now made with dark tar-based ink or “laser resistant ink” and these tattoos (which fortunately are quite rare) – They are meant-to-stay!  5000-year lifetime and more.

Need help and advice, with a great price – Give Medilase a call or send us an email, let us team together to get you where you want with you ink, whether its un-ink, or fade-back, separating, or re-lining your tattoo with a PPE pass, to make it “pop” again.