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Past Reviews From Our Clients



“Loved the delivery of this course… it was exactly what I was looking for – I didn’t want to be distracted by other upsells and just wanted to focus on tattoo removal. The course was highly medical and in-depth…..

Mariah Swain. Melbourne, Victoria. 2014


“Really informative course. Medilase guided me through TAFE modules and the Laser Safety Officer Training, and I feel like I just learnt so much in the fields of dermal and anatomical sciences. Just such a supportive and comprehensive course. I’m really happy…..

Vasso Lendakis. Sydney, NSW 2014


“As a medical professional, embarking on an extra career pathway, this laser training was an eye-opener, it was fascinating. I learned things on this course that I truly had no idea about. I congratulate the team and thank you” …..

Dr. Vana Fells. Brisbane, QLD 2014


“I felt it was excellently prepared, and delivered, and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who is interested in the industry. I’m a tattooist by profession, and felt inspired by the knowledge of Medilase lecturer’s. Particularly really liked the handling of the lasers, and the bonus of the business and marketing workshops…..”

Jackson Miller. Mackay, North Queensland 2014


“I wanted a life change. I got it. The lecturers of this course are extremely educated and I have just learned so very much. Thank you. Most amazing 2 days of my life…

Courtney Meares, Darwin, NT 2014


“This course – is seriously a must for anyone out there contemplating starting their own business in offering laser tattoo removal – the presentation, patience, mentoring and knowledge was just so professional. Excellent outcome for me …..

Alan Norton, Brisbane, QLD 2014


“The results were amazing!”

I was never judged, frowned upon by the caring staff at MEDILASE as had been the case at other tattoo removal places I had visited.  My tattoos weren’t a mistake, I just needed newer work over the older tattoos that I had. Firstly Medilase prices were totally affordable, secondly I was given lots of personal attention and time, and consulting, and thirdly the treatment was super-fast for me, and the results were amazing. My new tatts are ready to be started!

Kym D. (West End QLD)


“Their counselling, care, and professionalism were very important to me.”

My tattoo was put on during a holiday to Asia; the work was a nightmare; which affected my confidence in a big way.  Medilase counselled me about my worries, discussed all alternatives, discussed all the pros and cons, and gave me a very do-able package.  I just felt good about everything – Still got about 6 treatments to go, could be more, and I have realistic expectations, but their care and professionalism about this company were very important to me.

Troy R (Underwood QLD)


“As soon as I spoke to Medilase, I felt comforted, less anxious and safe.  They really know their stuff.”

The treatments have been so affordable and really quick as my tattoo is a small one. I’m able to call them 24/7 for any questions I might have, and the clinic is so clean and sterile, calming.  The name on my arm is almost gone, and I’ve had 4 treatments. I’m very grateful for the personalized time I get when I go there.

Rikki P (Valley QLD)


“MEDILASE Prices!  ………….. the prices they give you beat everyone else, hands down!”

I was quoted $200 for my tattoo which was quoted as $700 a treatment elsewhere!

I’ve got a family and children and was so distressed that I mightn’t be able to ever afford to get it off.  I’m 3 treatments down now, and each time they’re just so professional!  The treatment is fast, I’m really happy with the results, but the knowledge they have and the prices they give you beat everyone else, hands down!  Rui K (Daisy Hill QLD)


“The price was great and the visual result of the fading is a confidence boost for me now.”

Within 5 minutes, I knew I could afford the treatment,  I had saved over $150 by coming to Medilase.  The prices at other places I’d been felt un-doable to me. On arriving I immediately felt calmed and in professional care.  Two treatments down and I’m in a really happy place mentally.  The price was great, and the great visual result of the fading is a confidence boost for me now. I want to join the armed forces, and I’m on the way now.  Malcolm V (Coorparoo QLD)


“They gave me a great deal; I have had better results than I ever had!”

I had a few treatments elsewhere in Brisbane, and as it had been so expensive I had to let it go for a few years.  When I rang the MEDILASE clinic, they arranged an appointment to suit my work schedule, they gave me a free consultation, they gave me a great deal, and I started.  I have 4 fairly large tattoos, and I had been charged well over $1000 at the last removal place.  $400 for the 4 sounded too good to be true.  I have had better results than I ever had at the former clinic I went to, and boy! I’m really looked after.  No problems, skin is in great nick too……I’m so grateful I found these guys…  Bryan S (Redlands QLD)


“Great service, loads of care and advice;  Old fashion service still exists!

Just wanted my ex’s name off.  It happens!  Great service, loads of care and advice, really affordable, great post care, and always there to answer my questions.  I’ve got a few more treatments to go, Medilase are just so understanding with everything.  Old fashion service still exists!   Thanks heaps.   Sylvia V (Rochdale South QLD)


I would like to congratulate Chrisse and her staff for an outstanding 2 day course in  “Certificate of Competency Class 3B Tattoo Removal”.  My wife and I have been in business many years and have learnt the 3 R’s when it comes starting any new venture… Research! Research! Research!!!” “So let me save you the time and effort.” “There is no other organisation in Australia that offers the theoretical knowledge, practical skill, and ongoing back up and training like MEDILASE. There were students from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast which confirms MEDILASE training is recognised Nationally. FYI Courses book out fast!”  David H, Gold Coast – 26 February 2015


Unbelievably good! Blown away by the clearly presented and documented in-clinic course manual. It was just so medical yet so easily understood. I never expected such awesome opportunities for the hands on procedures, right at the beginning of my 2nd day in.

One-on-One was brilliant, I could ask as many questions as I needed. I felt cared for, and I felt the sense of being in the hands of a leading professional in every area of the Tattoo and Removal related industry.  Rhianna M. (Personal Trainer) July 2014


Incredible course, with real personal delivery, didn’t have to be held back by a class full of other people. Incredible amount of hands-on. Fast, Effective and medically orientated. The Hands-on was just fantastic.  Mike T. (Tattoo Artist) August 2014


Love, loved, loved the real clients, the clinical atmosphere and removing of the unwanted inks. Heaps of legal stuff explained too. I never expected something this good.  Megan H. (Enrolled Nurse) August 2014


Top notch course. Really professional as well as precise personal delivery. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Daniel T. (University student) September 2014


I had no former training. I was so keen to change my career and be in my own business – Medilase guided me through the right pathways of TAFE medical subjects to get to where I wanted to be. The course is very medically orientated, and I had to study pretty hard. It was just so worth it.

Tegan M. (Admin.Assistant) November 2014

Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation



You may have PIH- Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

What is Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

The medical terminology used for this skin state is called -Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH

What is it exactly? It is described as discoloration of the skin that follows an inflammatory skin condition, treatment or even wound.

IT IS NATURAL GUYS!  It is the skin’s repair system and natural response to inflammation.

So, what does it look like?

PIH aka Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation will appear on the skin after the scab or inflammation has healed and you may see a slightly elevated or even flattish area on the skin where that inflammation was.  Call it a “macule” if you wish.

Yes, and it has a colour range which can be anywhere from tones of purple, red, deep pink and in particular brownish tones. The discolouration depends on your genetic skin type and the depth of the hyperpigmentation.

At Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane you have the opportunity to undergo micro-needling which is preparatory to the laser treatment, this minimizes both PIH and scarring possibilities.  Our protocol is unique and assists in additional ink being released.

Why has it happened to me?

PIH may affect all persons, and all races, and both female and male.  No one really misses out here.  It will be more pronounced in persons with medium skin tones to darker, and especially with mixed race, and Skin types 3, 4 and 5.

As your skin began to heal, your cells have gone into override and over produced the melanin which is the protein element in your skin which lays down your very own skin color.

The PIH which looks like the tattoo shape after all the inks have gone is a result of your immune response, which has caused the excess melanin thus darkening and discolouring the skin.

Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane, takes meticulous care to make note of your skin type, make note of the healing as we go along.

Will it eventually go?  There is good news here….read on.

Because your body has produced this melanin, the colour change may remain even after the area has completely healed.  BUT, there are other things you can do to fade it back. Patience? Is the key word here for you, it can take from four and even up to 28 months or so to fade, and sometimes could take longer.

Thank goodness, the PIH in general tends to fade back over the months and over time, even without skin rejuvenation treatments. But time is your friend here.

Usually the darker the melanin compared to the original colour surrounding the area, the longer it might take.  Bigger contrast tones – longer period.

Sometimes it might just need a bit of help along the way.



Is it a scar?

Yippee!  No it isn’t fortunately

PIH is called “pseudo scarring” because even though it has left a marking, it has not damaged the follicular cells.


80% of our findings and notations at the Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane Clinic pertaining to PIH increase relate to work related solutions and products, which may include caustics from concreting, building resins and solvents are guaranteed to increase issues, these include also thinners & turpentine from painters, glue related products from tilers and builders, and excess sun on the treated area. The action of “rubbing” with cloths to remove products stuck on the skin will also guarantee increased PIH.

Monitor your skin for work related products or even lifestyle related products which cause further irritation.

What can I do to help things along?

Products which are topical which may assist.

In all cases, ensure you have consulted with your professional clinicians and/or your GP before venturing to topical creams.

Glycolic Acid based products and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) will over time help the appearance of PIH.  They help move the cells and improve the skins exfoliation.

Your GP or dermatologist may prescribe a stronger AHA treatment.  Give it a go.


Hydroquinone blocking the enzyme responsible for melanin production which is the cause of the PIH.

Combinations of Hydroquinone creams are available, once again discuss the option you’re

Topical Retinoids. Azelaic Acid, Retin A, are all products which assist in lightening of the skin, with varying results.

So what might I be able to use to treat this PIH

Clinical Treatments

Considerations from professional clinicians might include Micro needling, microdermabrasion’s or even peels. You will need multiple sessions generally spaced 2 weeks apart, depending upon what you have decided to do of course.  Your professional will advise you.

For very light PIH there are multiple products readily available, as over the counter items, check with your pharmacist.

Prescription medications:  will work even better, perhaps go see your very own dermatologist.

Use sunscreen every day. If you haven’t done so the skin will darken even more.

Discuss any of these options with your dermatologist before proceeding.

Sources: Chrisse Feros Founding Director, Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane

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