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An Insight into Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane, by CF of Medilase

From a professional perspective, Laser tattoo removal Medilase: can be defined as the procedure or combined procedures as is available at Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane Southside.

Medilase provides NDYag Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removals, R20 Laser Tattoo Removals, RO Laser Tattoo Removals, and Laser Combination Technology for faster fragmentation and blister free treatments.

Let’s describe Laser Tattoo Removal with Medilase

Laser tattoo removal at Medilase is best described as a single or number of combined processes, used to treat an existing suspension of ink the dermal tissue, and by implementation of photothermolysis reactivity utilizing the Medilase tattoo removal technology.


Let’s describe Laser Tattoo Removal Results

Expected results are evidenced as a gradual elimination of the suspension of the ink.

Let’s describe Laser Tattoo Removal Costs & Prices

Brisbane Medilase laser tattoo removal costs are in the range of $50.00 to $150.00 due to the Medilase strategy of keep laser tattoo removal costs affordable to most clientele.

Tattoo removal prices on Google vary from even as low as $20.00 as we have noted on opposition websites. You get what you pay for, remember that. Be informed about everything you do.

Tattoo removal costs vary greatly between suppliers within Brisbane.

Attitudes and results vary dramatically, and in my opinion, scarring risks should be as low a 2-3% out of 100% of removals.

Skin texture changes from laser tattoo removal, should also be as low as 0.01 -0.5%.


I’m confused about who to go to

Outstanding results matter the most, and standout mentions with Before and After Photos of those results are: Chrisse & Nigel at Medilase, and Elliot, Owner and Clinician of Lazco.

I can say that the care, experience and results rate very highly.

Every day there seems to be a new addition on the Search site of Google for Laser Tattoo Removal Businesses.

My opinion at a guess, is that the $$$$ signs looked great to the new proprietor, he/she may have no idea about removals, the art of tattooing, or tattoo salons, and we should feel concerned.

My opinion only guys!



Have you read the insanity statements? Some Franchises that offer Laser beauty services as well as tattoo removal have noted on their website, that every person having a removal should inspect the back of the Laser Apparatus looking for a “yellow sticker” to evidence the appropriate status of the Laser.



Medilase Laser tattoo removal Brisbane, would advise potential clients that all Laser users and all apparatus, and rooms of use, must be compliant to Radiation Health Queensland legislations.

This involves meeting Certifications of Compliancy such as HR006, and HR0010.

This involves the actual name of the person performing the Laser Removal having a FULL USE Licence with Radiation Health Queensland..


The most frequently asked questions

  1. How many treatments do I need?
  2. How much does a tattoo removal cost?
  3. What is involved in removing tattoos?
  4. Does tattoo removal work?
  5. Is there a difference between Laser Removal and non-laser removal, and what are they defined as?
  6. What are the Medilase tattoo removal prices and how much will it be to removal my own tattoo?
  7. Brisbane has approximately 83 tattoo removal providers, and how will you know who to go to for an honest, and non-injurious removal?
  8. Medilase tattoo removal before and after results, will mine be like that? Our before and after tattoo removal results can be found on our website right here.

Honesty, with no judgements, caring about your needs

Medilase tattoo removal always endeavors to give honest answers based upon the observation and clinical test patch of each individual tattoo.

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane doesn’t boast. Results speak for themselves.

Beware of service providers using patronising terminology on their websites, such as: “regret”, “mistakes” etc. THESE WORDS are an unnecessary judgement.

Such users of that terminology are not tattoo friendly providers.

Ask to speak to the actual person who is going to perform your removal? Is it going to be the same clinician every time you visit?

What is the background in removals of “that person” treating you?

Laser Tattoo Removal 2.32 million people living in Brisbane and suburbs, Medilase tattoo removal Brisbane estimates that 1 in 5 have a tattoo art design.

1-2% of wearers of ink art, might wish for a change of that art, during a year.

Medilase laser tattoo removals works with the tattoo artists, works with the wearers of the tattoo, and offers services of Laser tattoo removal, with great tattoo removal prices, excellent outcomes with minimal ouch factor, 3.5 million removals between us at the Medilase Tattoo Removal Clinic.

You matter! It all matters!

CF Founding Director, Medilase, September 2017