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The Medilase Blister Free Laser Tattoo Removal!

Tattoo Removal with NDYAG can present with the following. Avoid the misery of Blisters at Medilase with our R20 blister-free Tattoo Removals – it’s your call!



After your session, your tattoo may present with a reaction which might look like a frosty white colour. This is simply caused by the skin’s reactive release of carbon dioxide as a result of laser penetration and often subsides within 10-20 minutes. We call this Frosting.

Blistering – other clinics, but not at Medilase!!!

During the laser treatment – the ink particles become heated, which might cause tiny blood vessels to break around the now fragmented ink particles. What may occur, are superficial blisters containing fluids, water and ink.

Blisters shouldn’t be a part of your removal!!

Blisters do not occur at Medilase. They are a nightmare to care for, in our opinion, and just shouldn’t be a part of the process. Other treatment centres may say that they are part of the process. Well, they shouldn’t be! Ask Medilase. Blisters might take up to 14 days to settle. Don’t burst them.


A good scab has usually collected a percentage of fragmented ink particles – a lot of the fragmented ink will be engulfed by your immune system as well. Don’t pick at your scab, and let it come away naturally, use SPF 50+ on the area. As you move further into your treatment schedule, you may not see scabbing, but within 28 days of your treatment you should notice the tattoo fading, looking a little “shabbier” and perhaps breaking up if you look really carefully.

Hope this helps, give us a call anytime, to chat about your own tattoo.

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