HOW TO BEST ASSIST YOUR BLISTERS TO HEAL after a laser tattoo removal procedure

HOW TO BEST ASSIST YOUR BLISTERS TO HEAL after a laser tattoo removal procedure:

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removals, has thousands of removal procedures “under its belt”, and every procedure on every person is unique and matters to us a great deal.

Sometimes blisters can emerge in the early stages of treatments.

When the blisters emerge, we really want you to be mindful and to take special care measures.

The body’s healing system is a very good one, and your blisters will heal and settle on their own as your immune system gets to work.

However you must take the time and care to prevent infection, to assist in minimizing scarring and to assist your cells to accelerate the healing process.

Medilase Suggestions to assist healing of blisters:

  1. Be mindful and don’t purposefully pop them or allow them to get injured.
  2. Allow fresh air to assist healing the unbroken blisters by leaving them uncovered by bandages.
  3. If the blister does break open, leave the flap of skin in place over the underlying layers of skin, and cover them with a loose bandage. Loose is the magical word! Air to move within the area.  Never use a waterproof covering.
  4. Gently pat dry with a new clean piece of gauze after your showering, spray the area with a sterile saline eye wash solution, and allow the fresh air to dry. Once dry, you may wish to dust some “Medipulv” antiseptic powder over it.
  5. Cover the injured area. Our suggestion is do not allow the gauze pad of the bandage to  sit flat on the blister; rather, make an umbrella type shape so the gauze sits above the area by  gently pressing the surgical tape on either side of the blister covering and allow the gauze pad to “sit above” by just a few millimeters over the skin.
  6. There are 2 reasons for doing this: Is to prevent unwanted organisms from the environment from contaminating the area, and 2. Is to allow the skin to breathe, for the air flow.
  7. It’s looking un-natural, very sore, ooze, and not feeling or looking like a normal heal for you? Straight to a diagnostic MD, This is a recipe for scarring, and unwanted contraindications.  Don’t hesitate!  Straight to you GP who has the knowledge and can legally prescribe what is required to assist you.
  8. Hope this article is helpful. Wish you all every success with you goals.  Medilase



International Day of Forests

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The Facts on Stubborn Ink Removals




You need to understand what Laser Tattoo Removal does:

What is this thing called Selective Photo-thermolysis

Selective photo-thermolysis is the selective targeting of an area within the dermal tissue, using a colour specific wavelength to absorb light into that target area which will be sufficient to damage the trapped molecules of ink or the target (shattering them into micro particles) while allowing the surrounding area to remain relatively untouched.

The Thermal relaxation time (TRT) is the amount of time it takes a substance (e.g. dermal tissue), after heating, to return to its normal temperature.

I hate my blue, green tattoo!

The rock minerals in these pics are heavy metals which contain the pigments that are used in blue and green tattoos!  Back to earth?  Lets read on and get informed!

How many treatments do I need to remove my blue or green tattoo?

If I could have a dollar for every time this question is asked, OMG, I could share it around and we could all go on a cruise and buy a villa in the Mediterranean.

The resistance to removal in Blue and Green inks is that they contain a product called Titanium dioxide…..

The facts are that every brand of tattoo ink has its own ingredient list, and its own specialist colours, which again require stabilizing and colour brightening agents.

The facts are that tattoos last for over 5000 years.  Read up on the “Ice Man” mummy…..

Go here and have a look see, have a great read.

We are now seeing up to 30-40% of titanium dioxide in inks, which means TATTOOS ARE MEANT TO STAY!!!!

We will find molecular ingredients of lead, chromium, nickel, iron oxides, ash, carbon black, and other ingredients.

Certain companies make great claims to removing the Blues/Greens, this works well, in fact if you are a snow-man, with the whitest skin in history, but most of us have some brown on us, even if its light brown – Ruby lasers work on “snow-men”, the rest of us, may lose our natural skin pigment along with the ink, or scar wonderfully with the “Ruby”….not our favorite machine.

Fact:  Medilase uses the Gold Standard in Tattoo Removal, and we find that passes across the blues and greens may be more than the blacks, as many as perhaps 5 more treatments or so, but the good news is that they do move, eventually.  Alternating NDYag Q Switch Laser Treatments with Skin Needling is also most effective.  Remember a tattoo that is meant to stay on your skin for 5000 Years, may be able to be treated and removed in 12 treatments of 10 minutes each = 120 minutes of lasering!  Do the sums!  Good luck with your endeavours everyone.  Talk again soon .  Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training

International Day of Happiness – 20th March!

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World Cancer Day Coming Up!!!

World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008. The primary goal of the World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Medilase: Deals, Savings, and Fastest tattoo removal methods available.

Get informed:   Fastest outcomes, best Deals, and best laser tattoo removal treatments

Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane businesses, are they ripping you off, are they booming, are they “for real”, is the pricing all over the place, who is registered to do the treatment, what is the cheapest and fastest treatment and so on and so forth?

ARE YOU GUILTY?  Do you flip down the list on Google, and “pick” a removal business because of “what you heard” or because of “what you actually saw”, the registration of the business, and “the PRICE”?

BECOME ‘NOT GUILTY” Look for the following:

  1. The most experienced clinician.  Did you talk to the person treating you? Is that person registered?  How many tattoos have they ever removed?  Are they using a “hair removal machine to knockout your ink”? Are they using the correct type of Laser?  Did they get you in & out in 10 seconds?  Feeling ripped-off?
  2. The “fade factor” – How much fragmentation is going to happen at the place you going to choose?
  3. What types of removals can they offer?  THIS IS THE BIG QUESTION?
  4. How much?   Oh yes, if only you knew, how many treatments and how much?
  5. TICK EVERY BOX with a great big “Can Deliver” at Medilase.

Medilase is the only tattoo removal clinic in Brisbane with latest, most exciting breakthrough in  tattoo removal treatments in Australia.  Medilase provides 3 types of removals.

Standard single pass NDYag Q Switch Removals.  We are specialists in R20 tattoo removal treatments with up to 70% increased ink fragmentation and WOW! the RO laser-pass treatments just released from USA university hospital testing.  And it works.

So let’s not get confused, the RO Laser-Pass Treatments can be up to 4-6 passes with topical solutions used to eliminate the white frosting and bubbling caused by oxygen in skin.  The Treatment is an additional $299.00 on top of your quotation. WHY? Because the one vial of de-oxygenating solution we use costs exactly that, for 15mls of solution. It works!!! No waiting between passes! Just 5-6 months of treatments in the one session!  Medilase provides the RO laser tattoo removal treatments right here in Brisbane…Uniquely!

R20 is also a Wow! Factor! Allowing us to perform 3-4 treatments in the one session, however unlike the RO treatment there is a “wait” factor between passes, in order for the frosting to subside.

I considered going “back to skin”, and being mindful of the excruciating amounts of $$$$’s – it doesn’t seem fair does it?

I put together a concept for all clients with a special deal of 12 months of treatments for “back to skin” which can be up taken for just $699.00 in total, unlimited treatments, and yes, for Medilase it’s perfect.  The size we evaluated which worked within that price is a business card size tattoo.

How? You may ask?  We are a fully Licenced Class 4 Laser Clinic, and figured it was time to clean up the “hooligans” in the industry, with stupid pricings, forcing many of you to keep ink in a skin “for whatever reason” when it’s no longer wanted.  Call me anytime, I have time to consult with you when you need to move the ink.