The Medilase Tattoo Removal Course & Training Overview

Who is this course for?

  • Persons interested in becoming a Tattoo Removal Clinician.
  • People in either non-licenced states or within a licenced state who would like to expand their skill set.
  • Persons who may wish to add another business scope into their clinic.
  • Persons who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur by expanding into this fast-growing industry
  • Persons who would like to expand their education into this medically based education.

The ONLY AUSTRALIAN COURSE with CPD nursing credit points.

The most expansive delivery of modules than all other courses in Australia.

An expansive and in-depth medically based education on all aspects of tattoo removal procedures and its associated biology.


Certificate of Professional Development (Medical)  Laser Tattoo Removal

Course Core Studies & Outcomes

Core Study:  Physiology and Anatomy of The Human Skin

  1. Introduction to Lasers and Introductory Laser Physics (Mod 1)

Medilase Certificate of Completion

  1. Infections, Scarring and Complications in Tropical Climates. (Mod 2)

Medilase Certificate of Completion

  1. Consultancy and Programs in Assessment of Tattoos (Mod 3)

Medilase Certificate of Completion

  1. Clinical Test patch & Endpoints (Mod 4)

Medilase Certificate of Completion

  1. CPD Points Australian College of Nursing Endorsed Modules and/or additional CPD accredited Supplementary Courses (Mod 5)

Medilase Certificate of Completion, Certificate from our Providers, with CPD Endorsements and accreditations.



  1. RHQ Compliant Laser Safety Officer Certificate – Trainee Applicants. Global Recognition by UK and California Board of Registered Nursing. Medilase Certificate, Certificate from Provider, with Radiation Health Queensland compliancy endorsement code.
  1. RHQ Compliant HLTIN402B Infection Control in Office Practice Settings Trainee Applicants. Nationally Recognized Training. Medilase Certificate, Certificate from Provider with NRT Training Code.
  1. First Aid HLTAID001,002,003 – Gain CPD Australian College of Nursing Endorsed Certification with our preferred providers. Certificate from Provider with recognized endorsements.



2 Options are available:

  • Medilase Certificate in Professional Development (Medical) for Class 4 Lasers, Laser Tattoo Removal is available as Online/distance learning

One on One within clinic training centre includes theory and practical assessments being done on campus.

  • Queensland Students: Laser Safety Officer Certificate is online, HLTIN402B is online.

Pathways Information:
Not applicable



  • Core Study plus all of Modules 1-5 Online $1,650.00
  • Core Study – One Module only, Physiology and Anatomy of the Human Skin for Laser Tattoo Removal – Online $699.00
  • Purchase of Individual Modules of Numbers 1-5 Buy one, Online $399.00
  • In-Clinic Professional Development Day $1,650.00
  • 4 days One on One Laser Tattoo Removal Medilase Certificate in Professional Development (Medical)for Class 4 Lasers, Face to Face, in our clinic training centre, theory and practical assessments.  $4,250.00 Hours are 10.00 till 3.00 Daily

Includes Australian College of Nursing Endorsed CPD modules as webinar modules and standards certified.

  • Radiation Health Queensland approved Laser Safety Certificate separate and additional fee $300.00 (online only)
  • HLTIN402B Infection Control in Office Practice Settings, separate and additional fee $550.00 (online only)
  • Laser Hire and Delivery to your clinic (NSW, VIC, SA, NT) plus Practical Component – upon request.



Length of Course:
Certificate of Professional Development (Medical)
Course Core Studies

Online:  5 Modules, and self-paced, 12-16 weeks

Laser Hire and training option:  Laser Hire, Delivery and Practical Training in your state (NSW, VIC, SA, NT) – price upon request. 1.5 Day visit to you.

Bond of $3,800.00 on Laser,

$300.00 per week rental (equivalent to just one tattoo removal) rental is payable in monthly components,

$1,800.00 for Delivery+ Training and Practical applications, Laser Physics workshop and Maintenance Program.

Tattoo removal course must be completed and passed.  Laser Safety Officer Certification is mandatory.

This fee is an approximation only.  Prices are subject to change, Terms and Conditions apply. Please request a formal quotation.

Most campus days are 10.00am to 4:00pm.


How many modules are there for Non-Legislated Students?
There is the Core Study Plus 5 modules.  Non-Legislated states currently are NSW, VIC, SA, NT, NZ, Bali, Fiji

How many modules are there for RHQ Trainee Applicants with non-medical background?
There is the Core Study plus 8 modules



Queensland:  Exemptions may be requested for exemption of HLTIN402B for RHQ Trainee Applicants with Registered Nursing Degrees, or Medical Backgrounds.



Courses include:

  • Comprehensive online modules and training delivery, with online assessments
  • Theory and clinical assessment component
  • Practical Activity component (Separate day and separate fee)
  • Clinical forms in WORD format for Professional Indemnity considerations.
  • One on One mentoring and support.
  • Medilase Certificate on Completion for each module studied.
  • Australian College of Nursing Endorsed Certifications for modules nominated by Medilase ($99 enrolment as separate fee)
  • Radiation Health Queensland mandatory subject Laser Safety Officer Certificate ONLINE (Queensland Trainee Applicants and additional fee)
  • HLTIN402B Radiation Health Queensland Mandatory subject ONLINE (Queensland Trainee applicants and additional fee)


Courses can be commenced at any time


What learning tools do I need?
You will require good internet connectivity, a laptop or PC, access to persons who have had some tattoos, and ability to interview with 2 persons who have experienced removals.

What else do I need?
You need Professional Indemnity Cover which is approximately $610 per annum, and Laser Safety Eyewear OD7+ which is approximately $280.00, your laser (ask Medilase now, re Demo Floor Stock or Brand-new lasers).   Medilase Lasers have ARPANSA regulation safety standards of IEC60825.1.2014 Certifications and ISO Safety Certifications.
How can I pay for the course?
You may pay by direct debit or by Credit Card.  Please note that Paypal charges additional fees for processing transactions on the link below.
Credit/Debit Card:

Direct Deposit:
Medilase Pty Ltd, Institution
Bank: ANZ Bank
BSB: 014254
Acc No: 388702091


Contact us:
Mobile:  Medilase 0414 020 767
Visit us:  Call us and make an appointment for a complimentary information visit at Medilase Pty Ltd, 1st Floor, 1407 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt Central. Appointments are necessary.

The professionals, clinicians, trainees and students at Medilase are encouraged to uptake membership with the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control.

We are all very aware that working with Lasers in the cosmetic applications of laser tattoo removal and with dermal procedures, the in-clinic and implementation of infection control and safe clinical endpoint remain first and foremost. We are very fortunate in Australia to have such organizations.

The benefits of such a membership are that each of you will stay abreast of infection control education and protocols. Please click on the link above to learn more and find details of the uptake of a membership.

Medilase Founding Director ACIPC Membership Number 2023

 “Foundations of Infection Preventions and Control Course “– 
FIPC is our flagship program and is ideal for the person just commencing a role in infection prevention and control or responsible for infection prevention and control activities as part of their role.