Get informed:   Fastest outcomes, best Deals, and best laser tattoo removal treatments

Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane businesses, are they ripping you off, are they booming, are they “for real”, is the pricing all over the place, who is registered to do the treatment, what is the cheapest and fastest treatment and so on and so forth?

ARE YOU GUILTY?  Do you flip down the list on Google, and “pick” a removal business because of “what you heard” or because of “what you actually saw”, the registration of the business, and “the PRICE”?

BECOME ‘NOT GUILTY” Look for the following:

  1. The most experienced clinician.  Did you talk to the person treating you? Is that person registered?  How many tattoos have they ever removed?  Are they using a “hair removal machine to knockout your ink”? Are they using the correct type of Laser?  Did they get you in & out in 10 seconds?  Feeling ripped-off?
  2. The “fade factor” – How much fragmentation is going to happen at the place you going to choose?
  3. What types of removals can they offer?  THIS IS THE BIG QUESTION?
  4. How much?   Oh yes, if only you knew, how many treatments and how much?
  5. TICK EVERY BOX with a great big “Can Deliver” at Medilase.

Medilase is the only tattoo removal clinic in Brisbane with latest, most exciting breakthrough in  tattoo removal treatments in Australia.  Medilase provides 3 types of removals.

Standard single pass NDYag Q Switch Removals.  We are specialists in R20 tattoo removal treatments with up to 70% increased ink fragmentation and WOW! the RO laser-pass treatments just released from USA university hospital testing.  And it works.

So let’s not get confused, the RO Laser-Pass Treatments can be up to 4-6 passes with topical solutions used to eliminate the white frosting and bubbling caused by oxygen in skin.  The Treatment is an additional $299.00 on top of your quotation. WHY? Because the one vial of de-oxygenating solution we use costs exactly that, for 15mls of solution. It works!!! No waiting between passes! Just 5-6 months of treatments in the one session!  Medilase provides the RO laser tattoo removal treatments right here in Brisbane…Uniquely!

R20 is also a Wow! Factor! Allowing us to perform 3-4 treatments in the one session, however unlike the RO treatment there is a “wait” factor between passes, in order for the frosting to subside.

I considered going “back to skin”, and being mindful of the excruciating amounts of $$$$’s – it doesn’t seem fair does it?

I put together a concept for all clients with a special deal of 12 months of treatments for “back to skin” which can be up taken for just $699.00 in total, unlimited treatments, and yes, for Medilase it’s perfect.  The size we evaluated which worked within that price is a business card size tattoo.

How? You may ask?  We are a fully Licenced Class 4 Laser Clinic, and figured it was time to clean up the “hooligans” in the industry, with stupid pricings, forcing many of you to keep ink in a skin “for whatever reason” when it’s no longer wanted.  Call me anytime, I have time to consult with you when you need to move the ink.