RHQ Logbook Hours, RHQ Supervision, and ARPANSA Standards

Qld Radiation Health Pathway to Trainee License

  • Please read and become familiar with the Queensland Radiation Health mandatory requirements, and if no medical background has been attained, then Medilase will lift your education status to include Medical Modules.
  • Laser Safety Officer Certification RHQ compliant
  • Infection Control Standards RHQ compliant
  • Medilase Certificate of Professional Development (Medical) for Class 4 Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures
  • Laser Safety and Clinic Safety Workshop – Practical


https://www.health.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/ pdf_file/ 025/156067/infolasercosmetic.pdf

Once you complete your studies, you may assemble your Trainee License application and send to RHQ.


Medilase Licensing Consultancy and Online Tattoo Removal Courses and Training offers all aspects of educational requirements for the Queensland Radiation Health legislations. Look no further!

Simply explained, you will complete 100 hours of logbook supervision with a supervisor, and upon completion that supervisor will write a Letter of Competency for you to accompany your logbook and application to RHQ for the Full License.

Hours that are required for each cosmetic procedure application:

  • Laser Tattoo Removal 100 hours
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation 50 hours
  • Laser Vascular 50 hours
  • Superficial Pigmentation 75 hours
  • Laser Hair Removal 25 hours

Apparatus used during your training

You will be using a Certified RHQ Compliant ND Yag Q-Switch 1064nm 532nm laser.

You will be educated in ARPANSA standards at every level and educated in eyewear and eye hazards and safety when using lasers.

The Q-switched neodymium (Nd:YAG) laser is easily modulated and is highly effective in delivering results in cosmetic treatment for the fragmentation of tattoo pigment.

In order to do so the laser system must be able to deliver nanosecond or picosecond pulses with a very high pulse energy, and a uniform beam profile. Medilase offers both nanosecond and picosecond training.


  1. We want you to be very comfortable, as this is going to your working space, and the establishment of your very own clientele. You will have a friendly meetup with our Founding Director and the supervisor and “get a feel for the clinic” you will be working in.
  2. Your Supervisor will be liaising and working with you One on One, assisting with all documentations and requirements.
  3. It is ideal that you treat each tattoo up to 4 times, at once a month visits, so your training may take up to 16 weeks. If you have lots of clients with a great deal of ink, you may even take 8 weeks. So long as all hours are met, that is the important note.
  4. You will be up taking a Test Patch and Clinical Endpoint Module in order to understand the Joule modification and clinical outcome at each treatment.


  • RHQ Compliancy Certified Lasers: Use of a Radiation Health Queensland Compliant NDYag Laser for duration of your hours.
  • RHQ Compliancy Certified Rooms: Use of Radiation Health Queensland Compliant Clinic Treatment Room.
  • The Supervisors: The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care Infection Control. Experienced, Radiation Health Queensland Fully Licensed Supervisors with superior knowledge of the actual tattoo process, lengthy experience of having their own tattoos removed, and the industry AND additional Certifications in Infection Control from ACSQH.
  • Australian requirements for Supervision of Logbook Hours Pre and Post conferring with trainee for all clients. Full one on one supervision and attendance always during removal.
  • Australian College of Nursing Associate Membership All Trainees will be offered direction to associate membership of the Australian College of Nursing. This is to enable continued learning and education.
  • ARPANSA standards for Safety PPE and Eyewear
  • Logbook Hours Booklet
  • Understanding Forms for your clients

How2become Online education – Application Forms https://www.how2become.com/resources/the-ultimate-guide-to-completing-an-application-form/chapter-1-the-purpose-of-an-application-form/

  • Issue to you of Sample waiver forms and Ongoing consent forms.
  • Valuable links for you with Best Value Professional Indemnity Insurance, Best value Medical suppliers.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply, and Trainees are to supply their own clientele, regulatory PPE. Please contact us at info@medilase.com.au for further details.

Where do I find the tattoos to treat?

Your 100 hours of supervision is your opportunity to establish your own clientele base with ongoing income as you move forwards.

Trainees supply their own and their “new” clientele, which often includes friends, family, colleagues, and an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram works wonders in most cases.

We do endeavor to provide grateful volunteers to you at every instance.

Please note: Radiation Health Queensland are the licencing officials, and upon scrutiny of your paperwork they alone may issue or reject any applications.

FEES FOR LOGGING OF 100 HOURS: Call Now 0414 020 767

Pricing may differ from applicant to applicant, and the extent of prior experience on the Laser. Just give us a call!


1: Laser Safety Eyewear OD7+

2: Copy of Trainee Licence and one other format of ID

3: Copy of Certificate of Completion of a Laser Tattoo Removal Course.

4: Professional Indemnity Insurance.

5: Diary for booking your clients

6: Large folder for the Client forms

7: PPE gloves for treatments.

8: What size tattoo can I book in? Your tattoo selection for treatments are to meet the standard size of a business card, any colours. Larger sizes can be discussed with us and a treatment program put in place.

9: Refresh your study of terminology from your Laser Safety Officer Course so that instructions from your supervisor are very easily understood.

10: Your attending clients must meet the term of “volunteer” and No fees may be asked from your attending clientele – any form of payment for a service is considered a contractual arrangement and is no longer deemed “volunteer”.

11: Your logbook hours booklet includes Radiation Health Queensland standards. Your supervisor will maintain a full consultation audit report and assist you to maintain the treatment recording protocols as required by Radiation Health Queensland.

Our supervisors will include audit of your forms pertaining to Medical History, and all waivers, Inspection of area to be treated, pre and post skin prep, treatment management and procedure, Post care advices and information issue, and delivery of instructions to client.


  • Industry standards vary greatly. Many businesses opt for “coupon” discounts and offer “prices so low, that they are operating at a loss”. There are other providers where the pricing are “off the scale” so to speak. You might do some research yourself on current pricing.
  • Prices may be estimated as follows: (suggestions only)
  • 50 Cent Piece – $50-$99 per visit (6-10 seconds or less to treat).
  • Business card size, solid ink + colour – $100-$180.00 depending on complexity, per visit (15 seconds to treat).
  • Tops of hands and 10 fingers black with no colour – $250+ per hand & fingers (20 seconds to One-minute approximation only)
  • Half sleeve shoulder to elbow heavy inking top and bottom, $250 per section of one business card, allow for 6 sections to make up the entire arm.


Radiation Health Queensland application fee $88.50 for Full Licence

Professional Indemnity Insurance approx $600.00: You require to have this in place before you commence treating any persons, and before your logbook hours commence. Please read on:

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is generally designed for professionals who provide advice or service to their customers or clients. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects professionals, consultants, contractors and businesses against legal costs and claims for any personal loss or damage. The claim may be for unprofessional advice, failure by the professional or professional firm to exercise the required level of skill, and/or breach of professional duty. Ultimately, professional indemnity insurance may protect your assets and your reputation should a claim arise.

Medilase will link you to our preferred Professional Indemnity Insurance providers, should you uptake, this fee is additional and payable to the chosen company.

Legislated Laser Safety Eyewear approx $300+: (For uptake of 100 Hours) ARPANSA Requirements are OD7+ at all times during procedures. You must purchase your own Safety Eyewear and use at every logbook appointment. If unsure contact: http://www.laserglasses.com.au/DiOptika-Safety-Contact-Us.htm (ask about LG003) your eyewear must be OD7+ for both 1064nm and 532nm. Otherwise Contact RHQ for further advice.

PPE Gloves approx.$6.27 PLUS shipping for box. https://store.independenceaustralia.com/gloves-clear-touch.html

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