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Laser Tattoo Removal – Skin Science and Business Principles

Class 4 Laser Tattoo Removal


  • Which States are licenced? Queensland applicants must have full licencing which is legislated by Radiation Health Queensland aka RHQ.  Western Australia has a Doctors Only Policy, but with exemptions in some cases only. Medilase provides all licencing pathways of mandatory modules for the RHQ Trainee Licence and the 100 Hours supervision for Queensland applicants.
  • Which States are not licenced? – NSW, VIC, SA, and NT.
    Always call your Health Department Licencing Division to check status.
  • Does the Government in a non-licenced state issue licencing for Laser Operators? No, not as we understand.  Call your Health Department Licencing Division to check status.
  • How can I get a Licence to work in a nonlicenced State? The only licence available at this time is within Queensland, RHQ Full Use Licence.  This is a very highly regulated process also requiring 100 Hours of supervised practical hours which must be logged and provided to RHQ in order to submit an application for the Full Licence.
  • What other options do I have for studies to become a Laser Operator for Tattoo Removal? Study and complete the Online Medilase Certificate of Completion in Laser Tattoo Removal + Medilase specialized content of Nursing modules online (endorsed by Australian College of Nursing).
  • One-Day training session? For an additional fee one-day training sessions are available. Training sessions are also available in Newcastle NSW.
  • How long does the course take? The online course and the course training day must be completed within 16 weeks, and course assignments must be completed.
  • Can I do this course if I wish to practice in Queensland? YES
  • Do I need other modules if I am endeavouring to get licenced in Queensland? YES
  • How do I move forwards to getting a licence in Queensland? CALL us, so we can assist you.
  • Radiation Health Queensland is the governing legislative body for licencing in Queensland.
  • What do I need to study in addition to this tattoo removal course to be able to provide tattoo removal procedures in Queensland? Call Medilase for the legislation links to RHQ where you will see information on this pathway.
  • Can Medilase provide me with the 100 Hours Supervision for RHQ Licencing requirements? Yes, we can.


  • Medilase Certificate of Completion in
    Laser Tattoo Removal -Skin Science and Business Principles
  • Medilase Certificate of Completion –
    Introduction to Lasers and Introductory Laser Physics (Module 1)
  • Medilase Certificate of Completion in
    Infections, Scarring and Complications in Tropical Climates. (Module 2)
  • Medilase Certificate of Completion for
    Consultancy and Programs in Assessment of Tattoos. (Module 3)
  • Nursing CPD Certificates of Completion or Medilase Mandatory Modules

There are no TAFE Laser Tattoo Removal Courses on scope within Australia at this time.

The Medilase Course is a vocational education course, and Certificates of Completion are issued.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • All potential Laser Tattoo Removal Technicians, Business Owners, Clinicians, Medical Practitioners.

 Non-Regulated States applicants

(You will be required to have this education when applying for Professional Indemnity Insurance. This course is a Certificate of Completion- vocational education, and is not a licence).

You are obliged to ring the Radiation Authority in your state and understand the legislations as they currently stand).

  • You will require this education if you are from a non-medical background
  • You will require this education if you are to uptake use of a laser in a non-legislated state
  • You will require this education for Professional Indemnity.
  • It is highly recommended that you uptake a Laser Safety Officer Certification module* (fees apply.)

The Medilase Core Modules cover the following:

Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin for Laser tattoo removals: 

  • Key Terms of the skin anatomy and cellular structure.
  • The Layers of the Skin, The Fitzpatrick Skin type, and
  • LES Lancer scale risk assessment, Cellular basic skin biology.
  • The Kirby Desai scale of assessment
  • Recognizing depth of tattoo, and needles used,
  • Recognizing multiple overlays of tattoos and
  • How to deal with removals with assessing number of removals.
  • Understanding light-based trauma and burns,
  • Assessing scars, assessing scar probability,
  • Recognizing dermal disturbance, injury,
  • Understanding types of wounds, wound healing,
  • Recognizing normal scarring, abnormal scarring, pigmentation, pigmentation in Skin types 3.
  • Infections in tropical climates, and complications
  • Laser Physics Workshop – explanation and guide to the lasers being used in cosmetics today, RF explained.
  • Consultancy Program and setting up a pricing program for potentional clients
  • Applying numbing agents correctly and time management of endpoint.
  • Post Laser Skin Contraindications.

Tattoo Inks and Clinical End Point:

  • Ink Permeations,
  • Ink depth,
  • Ink composition,
  • Working with tattoo ink – Titanium Oxides and percentage variants,
  • Laser resistant inks, Types of tattoos,
  • Non-tattoo ink tattoos,
  • Test patching, and recording of mandatory Clinical Endpoints.


This is a separate fee and is a one-day in clinic training program.

Upon completion of your online course you may opt to choose a One-day training session, fly-in fly-out for interstate travel.


  • Filling out the consent and waiver forms correctly
  • Learning the Laser tattoo removal procedure,
  • Use of a laser in Clinical Settings,
  • Laser settings
  • Treatments – observance of the clinical endpoint
  • Blister free treatments
  • Use of Micro Needling fractional applications for Cosmetic Inks (non- laser for cosmetic inks which cannot be treated by laser)
  • Ink types – fragmentation and resistance,
  • Safe practices with infection control,
  • Safe use and Procedures of a Laser,