Tattoo Removal Course Licencing Guide and Conferences


Online Tattoo Removal Courses/Training -Licencing Overview

Which State are you going to practice in?

Australian States and Territories fall into Legislated and non-legislated licencing requirements.

WA is fully regulated, with exemptions allowed for Registered Nurses in some instances where terms and conditions of the WA legislation are met. Medilase online tattoo removal courses and training provides you with the following excerpts for your information on Western Australian regulation.

“To be eligible for an exemption from licence to use lasers for tattoo removal procedures, you will need to be a Division 1 Registered Nurse, have attended a recognised laser safety course and a tattoo removal course, have a minimum of 5 years nursing experience, and provide confirmation that a registered medical practitioner is available and willing to provide medical support to the nurse undertaking laser tattoo removal procedures.”

QLD is fully regulated, this information is for intending laser tattoo removal students, aestheticians, clinicians, and professionals for the use of Class 4 lasers in their practice.

Medilase has used excerpts from Queensland Health documentation.

QLD Use license Any person who wishing to uptake procedural use of a Class 4 laser apparatus must by law apply and be the holder an appropriate use license.  The Queensland Radiation Health legislation has this in place to ensure that the user, at the very least has had Laser Safety Office compliant training and has completed the compliant infection control education. There is a 2-step process to gain a full license, involving:

  • Trainee license (the operator can commence practical training, and they maintain a log book, and must have a supervising licensee)
  • Full license (when the operator is judged by the licensed supervisor to be competent and able to carry out procedures safely and without supervision

Applicants may opt to nominate the use license for a term of one, two or three years. Please click on the link we have provided to read more:

Proof of identity documents for radiation license applications

At every step of the journey for your licensing applications, you will be required to provide the RHQ department with proof of identity.  We have provided a link here for Queensland applicants.  Always ensure that your photocopy for your application has great clarity.

If the applicant is in the name of an individual, and they do not already hold a license with Radiation Health, they must include 2 identity documents with the application:

  • one primary identity document, and
  • one secondary identity document.

A certified copy is a copy of an original document that has been certified by a justice of the peace or a notary public as being a correct copy of the original document. Copies certified by a Commissioner for Declarations as defined in Queensland’s Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Act 1991 will not be accepted.

What is the Trainee License?

The RHQ trainee license once applied for and received in hand by you, allows you to progress to the 100 hours of supervision.  This is when you, as the trainee license holder, will  perform procedures on clients.  The supervision must be that of a person who already holds an unrestricted use license for the specific modality proposed.  Your Logbook hours must be performed in an RHQ compliant Room with a RHQ compliant Laser.  All regulatory PPE equipment must be worn, adhered to and used.

During this period, you will record each procedure in a logbook.

Each log book entry must be in detail, with required RHQ disclosures, it must be signed and dated by the trainee and will also require to be countersigned by your chosen supervising licensee.

Typical hours to achieve competency:

  • 25 hours for hair removal
  • 50 hours for skin rejuvenation (including superficial pigmentation adjustment)
  • 50 hours for superficial capillary reduction
  • 100 hours for tattoo removal

Once your supervisor has determined you to be competent in your chosen modality, and you are deemed such, then that supervisor will complete a Statement of Competency which will accompany your logbook, and your application for the Full License. This statement certifies that you:

  • are competent to use a laser
  • have sufficient skill to supervise and train others in the use of laser apparatus.

Enquiries for further information, please contact Radiation Health, Health Protection Unit of the Department of Health.

PO Box 2368




Why is the TGA important to me as an intending clinician? The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the Australian Division of the Department of Health which is the regulatory body for therapeutic goods (including medicines, medical devices, gene technology, and blood products) in Australia. The laser you are intending to purchase, in licensed states, may require to be either TGA or hold equivalent Certification.

The TGA holds responsibility in the assessment of safety, ensuring acceptable manufacture, and acceptable standards for use, and for terminology of use and outcomes. Please see the link below for detailed explanations of the TGA.

The purchase of your laser in a licensed state requires a possession and an acquire licence, further to that, you will require a Compliancy inspection of your apparatus, and a compliancy inspection of your clinic rooms.  Medilase is able to coordinate all of this for you.



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20th International Conference on
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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) 4th History Conference will present research on historical perspectives related to nursing and its broader contexts. The theme for the 4th History Conference is “The Power of History – Nursing Now“. It will explore the complexities and differences of the past that have shaped the nursing profession. The conference will take place from Tuesday 20 August 2019 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart.




International Conference on Healthcare & Life-Science Research

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