Medilase let’s talk about Tattoo removal.

  1. Medilase is one of Australia’s foremost online laser tattoo removal training centers.
  1. Medilase provides online laser tattoo removal courses and training, and they lead Australia in the research and practicality of laser tattoo removal, with NDYag Lasers.
  1. Medilase is a leading research organization in the genetic predisposition of collagen transfer and scarring outcomes, in the research of the cellular uptake and mobilization of ink microparticles, and of actual outcomes of varying lasers and laser procedures.
  1. The uptake of Medilase online laser tattoo removal courses, enables the student access to an in-depth medical aspect in their education with the privilege of the research knowledge of the Medilase group.
  1. The following information is for all person intending to have a removal, gain more knowledge or thinking of up taking a course with Medilase.

What Types of treatment are available?

The most practiced method of tattoo removal is with Q Switched NDYag Class 4 Laser, which is proving not only popular but as the apparatus engineering improves, Laser treatment can, in most cases assist persons in moving no longer wanted ink, or tattoos.

Most tattoo removal will involve lasers, but there are non-laser alternatives.

All applied procedures have contraindications and may have risks.

What you should think about before embarking on your removal journey.

Tattoo removal carries risks of scarring, infection and possible burns, amongst other unknown outcomes.

Hello? Certifications and Licence’s

Laser tattoo removal is a legislated industry within Queensland, Medilase offers online Laser tattoo removal courses and training to all prospective interested persons, in this very specialized industry where education on licencing is provided.

Licences are required within Queensland to Use, Possess and Acquire the Laser apparatus that are to be used on your tattoo. NDYag apparatus are categorized as Class 4 lasers.

The Radiation Health Queensland Licences, called the Possession, and the Full Use licence should be on display in the treatment rooms.

Licences for Room and Apparatus compliancy should also be on display.  There are such laser categories as Class 3 lasers which are not RHQ licensed – great idea to check on the education and experience of the operator.

Queensland Legislation requirements are that a medical practitioner is involved in your treatment –

Medilase online tattoo removal courses for uptake by Queensland students,  guides that student to legislations of RHQ

“For Queensland” It is a condition of the laser operator’s licence that they must follow the advice of a knowledgeable medical practitioner to avoid possible adverse health outcomes. This medical practitioner must also be supervising the progress of your treatment.

  • Ensure that you, as the client, discuss the intention of removals with your own medical practitioner, or even with the medical practitioner that has an alliance with the business you have chosen. You should ensure that the operator explains the removal procedures with you and explains the risks involved.

Please don’t think that Laser Tattoo Removal is an easy fix for your unwanted ink. Forget the promises on the internet! Your tattoo! Your journey!


  • They are not placed into the dermis with a restricted lifespan.
  • Tattoos are not placed into the dermis with the intention that you can have the tattoo removed easily and without a great deal of effort.
  • Ask any Tattooist? Has any gifted tattooist ever said to you, “don’t worry, it’ll come off easily”?

Scarring can happen to any person, and there can be never any warranties given that a laser tattoo removal treatment may not eventuate in a scar, hyper/hypo pigmentation, or undesirable skin changes or other unknown outcomes.

It can happen, and it does happen.  So before embarking on your removal program, it is important for you to ascertain, the risks that are involved.

Superior clinics will sterilize the skin prior to treatment, dress and cover the area with a sterile dressing upon departure and set you up with a Post Care advisory sheet, that you fully understand.

All practices should start every treatment at a test patch level and write up a clinical endpoint of such test patch, before adjusting the joule level of the laser to the treatment setting. This should be recorded at every stage.

RESEARCH where you will attend

Scarring and infections are very high on the list of unwanted outcomes.  You must remember that when you had the tattoo applied, thousands of microscopic penetrations entered your dermal layer, leaving intra-dermal scarring.

Sometimes even one laser treatment may expose this layer, and scarring might be inevitable. Infections are renown for causing scarring, so as you will learn during the study of the Medilase online tattoo removal course/training, your skin should be covered in a sterile dressing upon departure, no matter what!

  • Why not check reviews and recommendations?
  • Read about the experiences of others and check the gallery of before and after photo’s.

In our many years of experience, infection mostly happens during the post-care stage.

HELPFUL LINKS Read more about sun safety and your skin.

Please click on the link above to become informed about keeping your skin sun safe.

Please click on the link ABOVE for helpful information.

Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. The date has a very strong significance, being the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale.

Alongside the encouragement of a fully deserved congratulations owed to nurses, the organisation also produces an International Nurses Day Kit to educate and assist health workers around the world, with a different theme each year. Past publications have focused on working with the poor, fighting AIDS, equal access to care, and sustainable development.


-SHORT COURSE – Call now 1800 061 660 –

  • Advanced concepts of cosmetic nursing [further details to come]
  • Advanced concepts of dermatology nursing [further details to come]
  • Applied dermatological anatomy and physiology [further details to come]
  • Foundational concepts of cosmetic nursing [further details to come]
  • Foundational concepts of dermatology nursing [further details to come]
  • Extended Study guide for our Registered Nursing community who have uptaken Licence Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training. Also, Associate Membership is available please click on the link here.

Please go to the link above and read more facts that may assist you.

  • Getting a tattoo is your responsibility. There is, practically, no room for regret. It is a decision for life, and nobody can guarantee your safety.
  • It is not true that tattoos can be easily removed using laser treatment. It is also very expensive.
  • Magnetic resonance scanning (MR) can make tattoos sting, burn, and swell in connection with some investigation later in life. This is because the tattoo pigment in the skin can be magnetic. Cosmetic tattoos are more prone to MR burn.

About Tattoo Removals

TATTOO REMOVAL STUDY – Medilase Career guide


Medilase guides you through legislation.

Laser treatment is one of the most effective methods to embark upon to remove a tattoo you no longer want.

Not all tattoos can be “taken back to skin”, and if you look up a chart called the Kirby-Desai Scale, you will note that the average tattoo in black ink can take up to 12 months of treatments and probably more, according to certain factors.


– The skin and tissue where the tattoo is placed, is already heavily scarred.

The skin is already scarred once the tattoo has been placed into the skin, with the tattoo needles – inclusive of possibly thousands of puncture marks. Remember this point.

Tattoos were meant to stay forever, remember this.

So removing an implanted mineral compound from your dermis with a laser is about the most well-known method of removal, and it’s not without the possibility of further scarring, pigmentation and texture change.

Good news is though, in most cases it works well, with or without the downside bits.

It’s a fantastic fun world. It’s a risky world.

Tattoos were meant to be forever, and now you wish your tattoo

was in the “Land of Never”

  • You always had freedom of choice to put the tattoo on!

  • You have freedom of choice to try to remove that tattoo!

  • You have no choice about the risks involved in the removal of that tattoo.

  • Lasers can only fragment the agglomeration cluster of ink!

  • Your own body does the fade!

  • Your own body’s healing response + other factors will dictate if you scar or not.

The removal procedure is not without risks of skin texture changes, scarring, infection, and unknown outcomes.

The factors that are involved in the outcome of your treatment are: Tattoo ink quality and placement, how many layers were introduced, tattoo complexity, the location of your tattoo, your skin’s healing response processes; your genetic background, the health of your immune system, and post care – all these factors amount to about 98% responsibility scale for the outcomes of the removal.

Medilase Research: Scarring is often more pronounced in some clients using “growth hormone”, steroids, performance enhancing drugs, “ice”, drugs and opiates, and use of topical agents which is not part of the regime given by the treating clinic. Interference with the area that has been treated during post-care is also a factor in scarring to the area.

Other factors include disregard and ignorance of the explicit post care instructions given, and “doing your own thing”.

Laser tattoo removal is a specialized industry, and licenses are needed to possess and operate the high-powered Class 4 lasers that are used within Queensland.

Have a consultation and perhaps it might be helpful to ask all your questions during that interview.

Class 3 lasers are unlicensed but you may always ask about the operator’s qualifications, experience and training.

TATTOO REMOVAL QUALIFICATIONS Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and franchises:

“This is your time to become a great researcher”.

Some states in Australia are highly legislated and some are not.

• Where do you live?

• Have you called the Health Department in your state to ask about regulations?

• Some of the best tattoo removalists come from a mixed bag of backgrounds.

• Some are already tattooists, some are from completely different backgrounds very remote from the industry, some may already be in the skin and beauty industry and some are from medical backgrounds.

• What does your portfolio look like?

• Do you need to have a consultant bring it up to speed?

• It’s all important.


Medilase – The list of courses and what is legislated requirement study.

Medilase is able to provide a large list of legislated study, and study for non-legislated states and countries.

For non-legislated states, the training you gain at Medilase can range from a $1200.00 for a Compact One Day Fast Trak Vocational Laser Tattoo Removal course to a 4 day Multi-task Course inclusive of an accredited Laser Safety Officer Certificate – recognized by Radiation Health Queensland. The courses are One on One, and please contact us for costing on the 4 Day course

Medilase offers online Laser Tattoo Removal Courses. Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Course for Class 4 Lasers, Medilase Certificate in Skin Science & Business Principles for Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures Class 4 Lasers. These are Vocational Certificates and may be required as evidence that you have studied in the modality, for your Professional Indemnity application.

These online courses range from $1500.00 plus postage, plus gst, and are inclusive of Distance learning and research & test paper courses.

Courses are suitable for all persons wishing to uptake Laser Tattoo Removal.

Professional Indemnity applications will always require evidence that you have studied a Tattoo Removal Course, plus the informed consent and waiver forms that you will use. Our courses provide all of these.

Medilase License Applications and Mandatory Modules as requirements of Radiation Health Queensland.

The Medilase Team prepares your personalized download of license applications, and follows through with your requirements with the License Consultancy and document preparation, and offers the legislated modules as required within Queensland.

Legislated states: Medilase offers all the modules required by Radiation Health Queensland for the Laser Tattoo Removal pre-requisites.

Medilase offers supervisors and 100 hours logbook supervision as required for Radiation Health Queensland so that you may apply for the Full Use Licence.


Isn’t this a great question? Almost like what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

There is very little data on the salary of a tattoo removalist in private practice within Australia. No promises should be given to you about the salary either. If you are going to be in private practice, then you need to line all your ducks up in a row.

You need to put a lot of questions to your “besties” and friends who are having the procedure, and honestly ask the cost.

You need to add into this great stream of “dazzling income”, the cost of your education, the cost of your insurances, licences, rental, apparatus, the whole setup, then add in your “wages” or “salary”.

An excellent and highly experienced tattoo removalist, with very good ratings, and more than anything excellent before and after images of their work, will hopefully build their business and patronage to a comfortable level within time. The accountant who looks after your business is the best person to keep referring to.

Medilase Q&A Guide

Laser Tattoo Removal Courses

Laser Tattoo Removal Training

OH! Help! Where do I start?

There are so many questions, answers, and searches related to tattoo removal courses, laser tattoo removal courses, the duration, the costs of a tattoo removal course, what qualifications are involved, and the list goes on.

This is a booming industry; however, if you don’t get your information right, and if you practice within a legislated state, without following the “rules”, the downfall could be pretty swift, filled with grief, and could be financially catastrophic.

There are equivalent numbers of companies and persons all too willing to sell you a “laser training package with a laser” with all the bells and whistles, the ribbons and trimmings – almost too good to be true. It probably is!

The first thing you need to do is to check the legislation status of the state you wish to practice in.  The Medilase website, offers links and suggestions on their home page – take a look, and act on the advice of the department you have called.

Tattoo removal training courses in Sydney, laser tattoo removal courses throughout NSW, and even tattoo removal business franchises are all up there on the internet.

You may wish to investigate a tattoo removal course on Sunshine Coast, Great news! Medilase has teams on Sunshine Coast, and delivers courses in Brisbane, Queensland. 


The question of how to become a tattoo removalist within Australia remains in the hands of the legislative bodies who govern within your State of practice.

What is the salary you may ask?
What exactly does a laser tattoo removalist earn?

Well, what do you know about business?

I’m sure most of us have heard of the old saying “line all your ducks up in a row”?
What is your understanding of this saying?

This is a bit of an “ouch” topic isn’t it?

Some “ouch” questions, you must examine.

Ask yourself, what do I know about the tattoo industry, and who are my clients?  Why will they come to me?

What am I investing in the laser tattoo removal course, laser tattoo removal licencing, and the laser I am about to purchase?

What is defined as a room rate?

What can I estimate as my returns?

What is my knowledge in the field that I’m entering?

Could I have a really intelligent conversation about the art of tattooing, and the intricacy of the laser tattoo removal?

Medilase Consultancy will lay out your pathway within Queensland.

Medilase will lay out your pathway in non-legislated States.

Medilase will assist your with queries.

Medilase Consultancy is a “consultancy”.

Consultants charge fees for services!  Medilase are consultants! Fees for services are applicable – Don’t get trapped in a maze. Let’s get your answers for you.

Medilase is your specialist consultancy for understanding the pathways for Laser Tattoo Removal Courses, and Licencing, plus Laser Purchases which meet standards.

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane “The Quest for the Ideal Tattoo Removal Solution”

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal question and answer of the month

“The dilemma of breaking down a tattoo, WHICH was meant to stay for a lifetime”.

When you were having your tattoo applied and ink injected so artistically, carefully and precisely into your skin canvas, how happy would you have been, if the tattooist had said to you, “Oh, this will drop out, or fade, within one month”. You would be shocked and highly dissatisfied.

So, when you decide to have a Laser Tattoo Removal, and the same principle applies, the tattoo will not drop out or disappear.

It was never ever meant to be removed.

If your tattoo is no longer a part of who you are now, it is called “no longer wanted ink”.
We don’t use the word “Regret”. You were happy at the time when you had it applied, and now you’re in a different place.

The question is: Am I being unrealistic to think, I can remove it in a short amount of time?
Not a reasonable thing to wish for that.

Efficient Tattoo Removal? We are in the hands of the tattooist who applied it.
We are in the hands of your very own immune system, and whether the particles of
You own ink will be receptive to binding with your own host cell and phagosome.

Your fading depends on your immune system – Medilase!

Your tattoo was meant to last all of your life.
Lasts a lifetime!

Let’s get educated on how the fading works?

Did you know that the Laser procedure does NOT do the fading? The procedure simply shatters what is trapped within your dermal tissue, your immune system creates the fade.

Medilase laser tattoo removal Brisbane talks about the immune system with you.

What is the immune system?

Everyone has an immune system. Medilase would like to introduce you to the “workers” of the immune system, “The Lymphatic System”. The immune system works and endeavors to eliminate or destroy foreign microparticles, introduced microparticles, and germs out of the body.

You have a very complex clearance center that does this and it is called the immune system. Its workers are also a complex network of cells and organs and a network of thin tubes running through the body, called lymph vessels.

Medilase Tattoo Removal Brisbane introduces you to your Lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system utilizes white blood cells that seek and endeavor to filter foreign micro particulates and fight infection. Your lymph nodes release lymphocytes, which are the white blood cells of a certain structure and type. The lymphoid organs listed below all play a vital role in lymphocyte production, purpose, and activity. Organs in the lymph system include:

Adenoids. Two glands located at the back of the nasal passage.
Blood vessels. The arteries, veins, and capillaries through which blood flows.
Bone marrow. The soft, fatty tissue found inside bones where blood cells are made.
Lymph nodes. Small organs shaped like beans, which are located all over the body and connect via the lymphatic vessels.
Lymph vessels. A network of channels all over the body that carry lymphocytes to the lymphoid organs and bloodstream.
Peyer’s patches. Lymphoid tissue in the small intestine.
Spleen. A fist-sized organ located in the left side of the belly.
Thymus. A small organ behind the breastbone.

The Ink Fade – is in your hands.

Once the shattering is complete, the lymph vessels collect lymph fluid and return it to your blood system, this fluid bathes every cell in the human system. The fluid contains lymphocytes (the white cells, which not only have nutritional value, but have capability in a healthy person to remove foreign micro particles and bacteria).

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal has documented and treated over 3 million tattoo removals with almost zero percent of scarring, and with month by month observance of constant fading.

Whilst Medilase believes that no guarantee can ever be given about the potential for scarring, it is without doubt in our experience at the Medilase Tattoo Removal Clinic Brisbane Rooms, that this risk should not be a high one when a laser removal procedure is conducted properly.

Medilase says, let’s get educated on how are lymphocytes formed?

Have a guess, where are you blood cells and immune cells made?
Bone Marrow or the pinky toe? Yep. The bone marrow.

Some of your cells will become part of the network of lymphocytes.

Some of your cells will become a different type of immune cell known as phagocytes.

Once the lymphocytes are formed, some will continue to grow in the bone marrow and become B cells. Other lymphocytes will finish growing in the thymus and become T cells.

For your tattoo to fade, you had better have healthy and energetic B and T cells which are the 2 major groups of lymphocytes.
They will attack and move the shattered ink.

Medilase education research explains that some lymphocytes remain in lymphoid organs whilst other commute around the body, and bloodstream.

How do lymphocytes fight infection? Your Phagocyte Cell

Every lymphocyte will combat infection, or remove foreign particles in its own manner.
The B cells make specific antibodies to fight infectious microorganisms. These guys are the Manufacturers, ok.
The T cells – pertaining to infection here guys, will endeavor to kill infectious microorganisms by killing the body cells that are affected.
T cells also release chemicals (cytokines) which are cellular messengers.

We are interested in Mr. Phagocyte Cell. OK. So here is the cell that performs via the engulfment of the shattered ink, which is now in such a microscopic form that the cell is able to absorb the fragment and move it to your waste system. That is why you must be vigilante about how much of your tattoo can be safely removed at any one time. The Phagocyte is a white cell. You should educate yourself on this cell, and also include the cytotoxic cells (natural killer cells), which are capable of destroying infectious micro-organisms. We will have a long discussion about macrophage and phagocytes next month.

Images and diagrams are from the Khanacademy, and labels and arrow by Medilase, inclusion of terminology also. Please go to the site to read about phagocytosis.

The Notoriously Stubborn Green Ink?

Lets take a look at what this lazy pigment is made up of. Chromium Oxide green pigment in ink suspension is a man-made/synthetic material.

And WOW! MAN-MADE to last beyond a life-time.

Often an inquisitive client will ask if the compound is natural. Whilst many compounds within Tattoo inks do combine natural metal and mineral elements, the chromium oxide pigment is not a natural compound and it is a composition of elements.

Within its characteristic profile, it is a quite hard crystalline, and dense compound and the bad news as far as treatments with the light delivered from all lasers, including Ruby and Alexandrite is: that it has a very high refractive quality. This simply means it will throw away both the laser light delivered and it will ignore the heat delivered from the laser, which is integral to the fracturing of the particle in order to disperse the ink into the body’s immune system.

Within the Chromium Oxide pigment can be found the following hues: Tonalities of varying green inclusive of small particulates of combination hues of blended olive, yellows, whilst larger molecular crystalline deposits within the dermis ay contain dark blue blends.

The ink is brilliantly resistant to high temperatures. This is exactly what we do not want at Tattoo Removal Clinicians. Medilase has integrated new methodologies for the breakdown of This notoriously resistant ink, by implementing fine penetrations into the tattoo pigment with the addition of a preferred wavelength and compression post removal, this is evidencing 50% improved movement of the chromium oxide pigment.

You may be interested in the fact that this ink hue is a combination production of alkali dichromate with the addition of carbon and/or sulphur. You may ask “was this green ink meant to have a sweet bonding relationship with the bearer of the tattoo for many years, but no longer.” The answer is “no longer”. At Medilase with the patented procedure for Green Ink minimization, all you need is a good patient attitude and let us get you going. Particles Technology
By Jan-Erik Otterstedt, Dale A. Brandreth

Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Removal Courses and Training, and Pathways through RHQ Licencing.

I WANT TO BECOME A Tattoo Removal Clinician? 
That’s what we do at Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses & Training.

IS THERE REGULATION?  In some states of Australia regulations apply, and in some states, there are no regulations at all.  Just ask us.

I NEED MORE INFORMATION?  Perhaps you want the best information before embarking on a removal program? Or before becoming a Tattoo Removal Clinician? Just ask us.

HOW TO GET FANTASTIC RESULTS?  There is one thing only that gets fantastic results.  Its about understanding and patience.

UNDERSTANDING “TIME” – The importance of understanding why it takes time to shatter the ink and for the body’s immune system to pull it away.

Did you know that previously embedded ink is meant to stay in the skin for at least 5000 years?  Take a look at the images.

(Otzi Iceman with prehistoric tattoo)

Freedom of expression with art form on the skin has become increasingly popular.
Medilase Laser tattoo removal has seen exquisite pieces of tattooed skin along with the “no longer wanted tattoo inks” in order that a new artwork can be placed there or just to go back to how the skin was previously.
With the finest mm NDYag Q Switch laser, Medilase Laser tattoo removal is able to extricate and separate any image from its adjoining tattoo.  We call this procedure “cutting out”.
This is a unique treatment from Medilase.  You will not lose any other parts of your ink.
Medilase recently removed the individual eyelashes of a geisha tattoo artwork.  It can be done!

tattoopazyrykThe Scythian Chieftain is a wonderfully-preserved individual discovered in a tomb south of Kiev, in 1947. Like the Pazyryk finds, the body had remained relatively intact through a combination of deliberate embalming and the freezing temperatures of the region. The Scythians were culturally related to the Pazyryk, a connection seen most obviously in the decorative animal motifs which both tribes have in common. The chieftain was extensively tattooed, with zoomorphic designs covering his shoulders, arms, his lower right leg, and parts of his chest and back.

Perhaps the most famous – due to the amazing state of her preservation – of these unearthed mummies was Amunet, Priestess of Hathor and speculated concubine of Mentuhotep II. Amunet was a young woman from Thebes in the Dynasty XI (2160-1994 BCE). Her body was so well preserved that the etchings and markings of her many tattoos were still clearly visible on her skin


WHAT IS USED AS A TATTOO ART INK?   Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal has observed differences of pigments used to create tattoo artworks. These include irregular and home made variants, wonderful professional variants, and all sorts of other mediums.
HOW DOES LASER WORK ANYWAY?  The technology of laser works by allowing light energy to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which is then pulled away by the body’s immune system. Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal offers R20 multiple passes or standard treatments, according to an appraisal of the skin and the inks.
Ink is shattered layer by layer, on each visit.  That’s how it works.
THE TRUE FACTS:   Going back to the skin may take from 7-12 treatments or visits (Sometimes more perhaps)
THE UNTRUTHS!   “Only 4 removals required…It’s too good to be true”.   Think of disaster. Think of pigmentation, burns, and shocking pain…


Our highly expert laser trainers and our FULL USE CLASS 4 licenced supervisors will teach you everything you need to know and unlike any other tattoo removal training course you will gain hands on in clinic practical experience alongside of us, as we work, assisting all the way.
All the team within Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Courses and Training Centre uptakes the attitude of having you complete the course with total confidence and knowledge.
Medilase Quik Glance Laser Tattoo Removal Course Content

  • Knowledge of Q-switched laser technology
  • Understanding the Physics of Laser and Practical experience
  • Pathways to licencing in Queensland
  • Purchase a Laser and full Pathways Packages – All legislations and regulations must be followed
  • Different inks and how to treat them
  • Pre and Post Care “Duty of Care”
  • How to carry out a patient consultation
  • Assessment of the patient
  • Complications and side effects
  • Pricing up the sessions, and best value for your dollar setting up of your clinic
  • Medilase Laser Tattoo Removal Clinical Forms and Book Guides
  • RHQ Licence pathways and submission
  • RHQ compliancy for room and lasers consultancy

Of the Australians who have tattoos, almost half (48%) only have one tattoo, 30% have two to three tattoos, and a further 15% have between four and nine, with another 7% having 10 or more tattoos.

Resources, Memberships and Affiliations

These are not testimonials or endorsements.

At Medilase, we’re proud members of the following institutions and associations: (click to find out more)
Laser and Health Medical Spa MD
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Certification ExpertsQMS ISO 9001 Certification

Support the Arts in Australia! Medilase proudly supports theatre and music arts in Australia.

Every Group needs support.

1. Medilase, laser tattoo removal specialists, on southside of Brisbane, is located in Mt Gravatt Central, where you avoid the hectic pace of the city, and have your service provided in comforting surroundings.
You will find superior retail stores such as Photocontinental, Target, Woolies, Donut King, ANZ banks, Bookkeeping Institute of Australia, Brazilian Beauty, Mt Gravatt Hotel, and not far from Westfield Garden City. (and it was the former chosen location for the superior tattoo removal suites of Eurobody Clinic.) 2. Laser tattoo removal Medilase Brisbane southside specialises in this area. Private and personalized services by owners who are involved in the industry and liaise closely with leading tattooists.
The location of Mt Gravatt Central enables easy parking and access to great shopping and relaxation with retailers including Target, Mitre 10, Photocontinental, Brazilian Beauty, FMC Accounting, Woolies, ANZ Bank, Suncorp Bank, IGA, Mt Gravatt Hotel, and Bookkeeping Institute of Australia. just down the road from the exciting Westfield Garden City complex . ( the former Eurobody clinic.) WHITE here phil.3. Your Medilase laser tattoo removal southside Brisbane is a time set aside by you which will be a safe, sterile experience and in an understanding and comforting environment.
Parking at the rear of building is so easy for southside Medilase laser tattoo removal clientele. It is a great suburb, not too hectic with great retail outlets for you to chill before and afterwards, you will find stores such as Brazilian Beauty, Photocontinental, Mitre 10, Target, Woolies, ANZ, Suncorp, Donut King, Bookkeeping Institute of Australia, Mt Gravatt Hotel, and even Spotlight. We are not very far from Westfield Garden City and Fitness First gymnasiums. (we are in the former suites of the reknown Eurobody Clinic)