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Terms of use and purchase

Osseo Group's registered name is Osseo Dental Pty. Ltd., and our ABN is 23 149 932 516. We're a specialist distributor of medical devices, some of which we manufacture ourselves and some of which we purchase from other manufacturers. Our website and marketing material list devices collectively referred to as the product or after you've paid either in whole or part, an order—these Terms of Use and Purchase cover all products sold by Osseo Group with the exclusion of ClearCorrect.

Creating an account (Getting started)

You must create an account before viewing product descriptions, pricing, or placing an order. You guarantee that all information you provide is accurate, complete, and up to date. You will need to log into your account and update this information if any changes occur. 

Making an order

All orders are made and paid via our website.


We reserve the right to accept or reject any order for any reason, including and without limitation, unavailability of product, an error in the price, image or product description, or an error in your order. 


Orders are marked as final at the time of successful payment in whole or lay-by deposit.

We can't change an order once placed online; we can create a credit for an unshipped order and create a new order.


We only accept orders from mainland Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. We will reject orders made from all other locations.


We do our best to ensure the products ordered are available for delivery. We will notify you where a product is unavailable before you complete your order. However, you acknowledge that this is impossible in some cases. Osseo Group may need to reject an order you have placed for a product where Osseo Group establishes that it is unavailable for delivery. In such cases, Osseo Group will refund the full amount you paid.


Osseo Group cannot provide rainchecks for products ordered online and, where permitted by law, reserves the right to limit the sale of products to reasonable or standard quantities.

The colour of products listed on our store may differ from that pictured due to lighting and screen settings.

Special, custom and patient-matched orders

Sometimes you'll need to order a product we don't keep in stock; these products appear on our website as Special Orders. Once your order is confirmed, we'll order the product from the manufacturer specifically for you. 


You should expect a delay of approximately 14 business days from full payment to receipt of your special order and approximately 8 weeks from full payment to receipt of your custom-made order.


Pricing and tax

We do our best to offer our devices at the lowest price; this is made possible by operating a pre-paid business model and removing the risk of bad debt, which drives up the overall cost to other customers.


Pricing is subject to change. Additional fees apply in some circumstances, as described in these terms. 


All prices are listed excluding GST and charged in Australian Dollars. 

Osseo Group may vary the prices at any time, which are subject to change until you have paid for the products in full. Product availability and prices may vary between trade events, in-field prices, and those found on this website.

10% GST is applied to all mainland Australian and Tasmanian orders. Orders made by New Zealand customers will not attract GST.


We list our prices excluding GST because you will claim the GST back in full and, therefore, would not accurately represent the accurate price of the product.

New Zealand customers may be charged VAT directly at customs based on declared value.


We offer various payment options by default.

  • Debit or credit card via the online store.

  • Lay-by on 8-week terms for orders over $500 via the online store. 
    (Request via your Account Rep)

  • Referral to a credit provider for orders over $5000 via the online store.
    (Request via your Account Rep)


Some finance, government, and corporate accounts may pay cash before delivery (CBD/CIA) by invoice. Consult your trade contract for further details.

Orders will be shipped once full payment has been received.


A lay-by on 8-week terms is available on purchases over $500 to some customers who have requested this payment option via their account representative. 


When making your initial lay-by payment, you can choose to pay the minimum 50% deposit or any value greater but less than the total order amount. 


When making instalments towards your lay-by, you can pay the total outstanding amount; the minimum required amount or any amount in between.


You can't modify, add or remove an item from an active lay-by order or have multiple lay-by orders.


Lay-by orders will not be shipped until full payment is made.


Fees and service charges

A surcharge of 2% will be charged on all American Express transactions. All other cards are exempt from this surcharge.


New Zealand customers may be charged an international transaction fee by their bank. You'll need to contact your bank to discuss these charges.

If a refund is processed to a credit card, you will incur a transaction fee of 2.75% + $0.30, which will be subtracted from your refund. 


If you cancel a lay-by order containing a custom-made or special order product, a termination fee of 50% of the total order amount will apply. This fee will be subtracted from any refund.

Cashback offer(s)

From time to time, we may advertise a 3% cashback offer for invoices paid in full by credit card.

The 3% cashback will be paid to the original card, and the value will be calculated on the total amount paid, including processing fees and GST. 

Cashback payments will be processed on the first business day of the following month and may take up to ten (10) business days to appear on your statement.

Payments made by DEFT are not eligible for cashback offers.

The date range of a cashback offer will be indicated on the original communication or advertisement.



We'll run out of certain stock items from time to time while waiting on our suppliers to replenish our stock. You'll still be able to add these items to your cart and pay for them. 

If your order contains back-ordered products, you'll have the option of removing them from your cart before payment, or if you proceed to payment, the back-ordered items will be clearly outlined on your packing ticket included with your order. Once we have the products in stock, you'll receive a notification that they've been shipped to you.


Free shipping offer

Orders made by Australian mainland and Tasmanian customers which exceed $300 before GST will have the shipping fee waived. 


Orders under $300 before GST and orders made from all other areas will have the shipping fee calculated at the checkout.

Shipping and delivery

A courier will deliver all orders to your nominated address. Shipping cost and the carrier will be calculated at the cart based on your location and charged for each order. Orders will not be shipped to residential addresses, PO boxes, or remailing services. 

Orders will be shipped once the order is paid in full. Orders which contain special order items will be shipped in phases with the in-stock items first, then the special order or custom-made items once they are received from the manufacturer.

Some custom-made items may be delivered and fitted by your account rep. Your account rep will contact you to arrange an appointment.


Special orders and patient-matched items will not be ordered or manufactured until the order, invoice, or lay-by is paid in full. 


You are responsible for the cost of shipping returns, replacements, repair assessments, and warranty claims to Osseo Group.


Once the tracking number is provided, and the package has been released to the carrier, Osseo Group cannot access the package or adjust the delivery time, location, date, or speed of delivery.

Osseo Group shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses incurred by you if Osseo Group fails to meet targeted delivery dates due to factors outside of our control.  

Expected delivery windows

  • 3-5 business days for mainland Australia

  • 4-10 business days for all other areas unless otherwise stated.


Once an order is shipped, the title (ownership), risk of loss, and damage during shipment pass from Osseo Group to you.


Store pick up 

Due to strict infection control, regulatory compliance, and tracking procedures, store pick-up is unavailable for any order.



Osseo Group will issue a credit for the next course if you cancel a face-to-face course registration more than 72 hours from the event's published start time.


If you realise you've incorrectly placed an order before us shipping – call us, we can cancel the order, credit your account, and help you to place a new order.


If you cancel a lay-by or you fail to make regular lay-by payments when they are due, it will be treated as cancellation of the lay-by by the customer. In these instances, you are entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less a termination fee; this termination fee will be subtracted from the amount already paid.

Due to ever-changing quarantine restrictions, some face-to-face courses may be cancelled, delayed, rescheduled, or delivered in an alternate format. If Osseo Group makes a change to the time, place, or manner of course delivery and you're no longer able to attend, we'll issue a credit for the next course.


Returns and exchanges

Our returns policy is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law because we want you to be happy with your purchase.


If you find that you have incorrectly ordered a product after you've received it and need to swap it for another, you can request to send it back to us within 10 calendar days of the shipping date, and we'll apply credit for the product only. Credit may only be used to purchase another Osseo Group product and is not redeemable for the cash value.

When returning a product, you will be required to complete the Return Form available at you will be required to provide relevant information to your return, including adequate proof of purchase to satisfy legislative requirements. If you do not provide this information, we won't be unable to process your return.


If you do return a product, it must be in an unopened saleable condition and include the Return Authorisation Slip issued when you complete the Return Form available at

Custom-made, special order products, including loupes, scanners, computers, printers and diagnostic equipment, and orders made using finance or lay-by will not be accepted for return.


​Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Osseo Group warrants that its products shall conform to the specifications provided by the manufacturer; and are free from defects in material and workmanship.


Osseo Group shall not be liable for:

  • any defects that are caused by neglect,

  • misuse, or mistreatment of its products by you, patient, or any third party;

  • any defects that are caused by failure to follow directions, including but not limited to: failure to replace reline or maintain appliances;

  • any products that have been altered or modified in any way by an individual or entity other than us;

  • any products being used in combination with Osseo Group products, not limited to customer's operating system, internet browser, or associated software or hardware; or

  • any defects or errors that result from errors in submitted records or instructions for such products.

  • Any time or labour costs incurred by you.


This limited warranty expires 365 days after shipment of the product unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.


If any Osseo Group product fails to conform to the warranty above, you can complete a damage/fault assessment request, return the product to us for inspection, and we'll repair, replace or credit your account depending on the assessment.

Non-warranty repairs

If a product requires repairs that are not covered by your warranty, we'll provide an invoice for inspection, diagnosis, parts, and repair. Once the invoice is paid in full, we'll commence the repair process and provide you with an indicated completion date based on our current capacity and availability of parts. The cost of diagnosis and labour is non-refundable should your product be unrepairable or parts unavailable within a reasonable timeframe.

There is no warranty for any repairs performed or parts installed outside of the initial purchase warranty.

Repair parts

If repairing your product under your product's warranty or outside of the warranty or extended service contract, we may use new, used or reconditioned parts. 

Laser calibration

The annual calibration of laser units is not covered by a product's warranty or an extended service contract. 


The calibration fee covers the pick-up, calibration and return of one laser unit. If a laser fails calibration, you'll be given the option of having the unit returned in an inert state or paying the assessed cost for repair and recalibration. The calibration fee will not be refunded if the unit fails calibration.

The unit must be in working order before booking a calibration and be sent all parts required to use the laser under normal conditions. 

Loan equipment

Sometimes we may offer to loan you a product for a 1-week trial. Before we loan you the product, you'll be required to pay a product bond of no less than 50% of the product's listed price. If you decide to purchase the product, the already-paid bond amount will be subtracted from the order balance; however, If you decide not to proceed with the purchase, we'll refund you the bond, minus any transaction fees.

You will forfeit the full product bond if the product is not returned in its original condition. If you do not return the product for whatever reason before the pre-allocated date, you will forfeit the full product bond and be liable for the balance of the listed product price.

Promotions & discounts

Promotions may be advertised from time to time. The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Unless expressly mentioned, all coupons exclude PENTAX loupes and custom-made devices. 


No discounts will be applied after an order is completed or where a coupon code or voucher was not applied during the transaction. 


Promotions run from the date of publication or published start date until midnight of the published end date unless otherwise specified in the promotional material.

Volume discounts

Bulk orders are available for the listed product cost multiplied by the unit volume unless otherwise specified. You agree not to request further discounts for items other than what Osseo Group's authorised agent offers. Osseo Group reserves the right to reject any request.

Volume discounts for ClearCorrect

You'll receive a 1% discount for each new case started in the previous quarter to use towards every new case started in the current quarter. 

This means, if you start 5 cases in the Jan-March quarter, you'll receive a 5% discount off of all cases submitted in the April-June quarter.


Each quarter runs from the first until the last day of the 3-month cycle:

  • January - March

  • April - June

  • July - September

  • October - December

It doesn't matter which treatment option you choose when approving your case, as long as it's a new case number and a coupon is not used to pay for the case in full or part.


Lay-by is not available on clearance and discontinued products, pre-paid coupons, patient-matched medical devices, chemicals, and where expressly stated in promotional materials.


Osseo Group reserves the right to reject any request for a refund, exchange, or credit if you or your patient has failed to comply with product instructions for use. 


Osseo Group reserves the right to cancel the manufacture of products used in treatment without refund and refuse future submission requests if a customer is suspected of repeatedly failing to comply with product instructions for use.


All devices are registered in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 under Osseo Dental Pty. Ltd. and are accurate at the time of registration unless exempt under Division 3 of Part 4‑11 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

Secure online shopping

You are responsible for safeguarding your username and password, as you are liable if an unauthorised person uses your account.


We use industry-standard 256-bit encryption. Our Secure Server Software locks all critical information passed from you to us, such as personal information, in an encrypted envelope, making it extremely difficult to intercept this information.

Osseo Group can't fully guarantee any data or program available for download on this website (or any linked website) is free of viruses or other spyware, and you agree that you assume the risk of any damage to your computer as a result of using this website.

Card information

We use industry-standard 256-bit encryption. Our Secure Server Software locks all critical information passed from you to us, such as personal information, in an encrypted envelope, making it extremely difficult to intercept this information.


Osseo Group does not capture or store your whole credit card information at any time - even temporarily. No part of the Osseo Group Online Shopping site can access your credit card information other than the last four digits, giving you additional peace of mind.

Third-party content

Our website contains information from or hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. We provide this information and hyperlinks for your convenience only, but we're not responsible for and do not necessarily endorse the content of any such information or website.


Our custom-made products require you to submit records via an online RX portal specific to the product. We do our best to ensure submitted records meet our minimum standard of quality requirements. If your records fail to meet these requirements, we'll email you the reason, photographs and a request to submit replacement records. 


Rejected record decisions are final, and your case will remain on hold until these new records are submitted. All records must be accurate and represent the current condition of the patient's teeth. You are responsible for the accuracy of the records you provide. We will not be liable for any issues caused by inaccurate records where the product fits the model but not the mouth.

These and all other submitted materials become the property of Osseo Group and will not be returned. Alginate impressions, stone models, and metal impression trays will be rejected and disposed of.


The Privacy Act 1988 imposes obligations on us for how we collect and record information relating to your orders or how we offer customer support for our products.


We will collect your personal information for the purposes of providing our products to you, ongoing product care including investigations, and providing you with information relating to our range of products.


We may have to share some of your personal details with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Healthcare Complaints Commission, Australian Dental Council, or our suppliers during the investigation of a fault, damage or case question relating to our custom-made class IIa & IIb medical devices.

All phone calls made in and out of our 1300 029 383 support line are recorded and will be retained on your account for future reference.


If we cannot collect important initial or additional information about you, we won't be able to support you as a customer and will cease trading with you.

Our logo

Our logo, the "Dynamic Odontogram Device" is registered trademark 2198480. 
Sometimes, we may loan the use of our logo for an event or as part of a sponsorship. The logo may only be used with written permission and in accordance with our style guide.


Force majeure (things outside of our control)

Sometimes, things outside of our control may affect us servicing you or your account. In this situations, we cannot be in default or breach of these terms because of any failure of our performance if such failure results, whether directly or indirectly, from fire, explosion, strike, flood, freight embargo, an act of God, or war, civil disturbance, an act of any government, de jure or de facto, or any agency or official thereof, labour shortage, transportation contingencies, severe weather, a default of manufacturer or supplier, quarantine or restriction, epidemic or catastrophe, or other conditions beyond the control of Osseo Group.


The support provided by our team is technical in nature and offered to get you back on track with the correct use of the product. You will be reminded of the correct procedure, including manufacturers' instructions for use, and may be required to provide additional records for investigation or perform troubleshooting as part of your technical support sessions. 


Any advice provided is general in nature and specific to the products' correct use, it does not take into account the specifics of your case or your patient management. 


Clinical evaluation of medical devices and procedures constitutes the practice of medicine and is the sole responsibility of the treating registered professional.

Revisions to these terms

We may revise these Terms of Use and Purchase at any time at our absolute discretion by posting revised terms; these revisions will be effective immediately. 


If any of the terms are found to be unenforceable, you agree that the remainder of the Terms of Use and the Terms of Purchase remain in full force and effect.

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